Paul, I think I should take this opportunity and ask you who is 'Body Power'? Please explain a little bit confuzed situation with your band, different voices in the studio then it is on live stage.... How much frustrated was the situation that you have been singing songs only on live apearance and some other singer sang in the studio? Something similar was going on with Den Harrow.
There's no confusion, 'Body Power is a Paul Bizz project, there's another voice on studio only for a choice of production for the best English pronunciation. I'm not frustated, make shows in front of 1000-2000 persons is unforgettable. Have had the idea of 'Nothing' is not frustated. In the 80's italian dance a lot of producers used in their songs always the same voices. Ivana Spagna sang dozens and dozens of songs left by other names. And for Den Harrow was the same even if they deny.

I guess I could already know your answer on the following question, but don't you think that producer has the full rights to choose vocals and do with his songs whatever he wants? It seems that it was stlye of many Italian producers?!
Yes, it was the style of many italian producer.

Did you choose the name of the band or someone else? Did you have something to say to the audience with that name?
No, I didn't choose the name, it was an idea of the first producer. But we liked this name perhaps beause in those years the bands were often beautiful to see, I mean as beauty and so our name meant that: the power of the body.

What can you say about song 'Nothing'?
'Nothing' is my creation, I wrote this song in 1984 in my personal Studio recording with a friend on a keyboard.

Photo of Paul Bizz and Mark Taylor from
the photo session for the cover of „Fire“
with the clothes used in the fire tour
That's mean that song has been released two years later, for Out Records. Would you tell the reason why you needed two years to release it? And how you got in contact with the guys who worked on the song: Laurent Gelmetti, Fillipo Renzi. I would like to hear more history of this song please.

No, we were not needed 2 years 'cause I have written this song at the end of 1984 and at the end of 1985 we recorded.('Nothing' was published in january 1986). When I wrote this song I thought was nice, fun but I thought we wanted something better. Then, one day, while I spoke with our producer Filippo Renzi he told me he wanted for u a song with a winning refrain and if I had some ideas. So I thought to make him feel the master on which I had recorded „nothing“ and he said to me: "it's fantastic".

Albert One is one of the guys involved in the song 'Nothing'. Could you tell me something about him and your work with him please?
Albert One is a very great singer and sound engineer, he remixed the principal version of 'Nothing' (the extended version).

Another thing about 'Nothing'. It is mixed in Factory Sound Studio in Verona, owned by Mauro Farina. Have you perhaps met him during 80's?
After the realisation of the master of 'Nothing' in Turin, we wanted to have a version made and mixed in a great studio and for us the best studio for italo dance was the Factory Sound in Verona and Mauro Farina was one of the best engineer as well as a great songwriter with Crivellente.

On the 'Nothing' cover we can see two guys. Which one is you?
I'm the guy on the right with a grey shirt. On left there's Mark Taylor.

How you met Mark Taylor?
I met Mark Taylor in a fashion show, we were both models. We did friendship and found to have the same ambitions and the same musical tastes. He is called 'Truly Mark' and add the name Taylor for his incredible likeness to John Taylor of 'Duran Duran'.

Song 'It's A Life' followed and this is song where you are credited as producer? Tell me about that song please?
'It's A life', the follow up of 'Nothing', was a great song for me and is the first 'Body Power' song licensed by me in Japan with a great label like Tokyo Records.

"Cover of 'It's A Life' by Tokyo Records"

Paul, how you got into music bussiness?
I started when i'm 17 years old with a funky band called 'Eurolook' with a demotape of three songs and with many live concerts. During this period I met many producers and many musicians and after I decided to change from funky to dance.

Have you been working with some other italo disco artists during 80's?
Sometimes I did live performance in the same show with other disco artist like Jovanotti, Den Harrow, Miko Mission, Caroline, Albert One, Marco Martina but we have not worked with them

Do you have some unrealsed 80's songs?
Yes, but especially we have many unreleased versions of our songs.

Are they italo disco style or... Do you regret they are not published and would be possible to release them today?!
Probably is possible but I have no regrets.

Have you been singing backing vocals in any italo song perhaps?
No, only for my records.

How would you describe italo disco age and especially going around to perform live?!
Was a great time, very great time. It was possible to make exibitions in club, in Discoteque, in open spaces. We know many people, many girls..... very fun.

In which direction your career went after 1990's? There is not much info about that.
Many other records: after 'Fire' , the last record with Mark Taylor, there are :

a cover of 'Eagles' song „I Can't Tell You Why“ with the name 'Body Power', but without Mark Taylor. This is the last 'Body Power' record. After this I changed the name and in 1995 I published Logical U feat. Paul Bizz – 'Let Me Fly Higher'

In 1997 my first record for a major Paul Bizz feat. Cindy Ree – 'Tout Petit La Planete' a cover of the famous song of 'Plastic Bertrand'. This song was published by EMI .

In 1998 Logical U - Touch Me, a very beautiful song published in a Disco mix with on side A, a remix by Bum Bum Club. 'Bum Bum Club' was the most important dance remixers of the second half of 90's.

In 1999 Logical U feat. Carol – 'True Love' another beautiful (for me) song. Have you heard this song on 'Youtube' ?

In 2000 Logical U – Love Again with on side A a remix by Roland Brant.

In 2001 I decided to change the name again and I published an important song for 'Virgin Records': The Bumba Victims – 'Sexy Eyes'. This song was inserted in two italian great compilations (250.000 copies) 'Hit Mania Dance Champions 2001' and 'Virgin All The Hits Now 2001'. Most of these songs are inserted in various complation in these years: '80 Remix', 'Italia Network Juke Box Dance Attack', 'Mega Hits Dance Compilation', 'Lap Dance Compilation', 'I Love Disco Diamonds' and more.

Yes, I heared song 'True Love', with Carol. Pure italo dance and sounds pretty happy song. Who is Carol and how you met her?
Carol is a graet singer, she sang in piano bars and like a chorist in studio recorded and we has been recommended. Obviously Carol is a fantasy name.

Paul, what are you doing today?
Today I'm working for a DVD company, and collaborate with a studio recording of a friend. We did some songs like a new song for 'Logical U' called 'Blowin' Away' this is an unrealeased song. A cover of 'Daddy Cool' a famous song of Boney M. And more.

Can you share with us your music plans for near future? I guess if they are some, they are not including recording song in the 80's style?! Or maybe you do....?
In this moment I don't know but i think everything it's possible.

Do you have something to say about anything important for your music and I did not include it in my questions?!
No , I think you are very good at asking questions and interview is complete.
But I might a question about music: Paul Bizz, what kind of music you prefer?
I love hard rock and metal music and my favorite band are the kiss

Do you have any message for your fans?
A big greeting to all of my fans know that even today there are people who remember 'Nothing' and others songs is for me cause of great pride. And is nice to think, in my small, to have given something to music. God bless you.

I want to thank to my italo friend Kimmo Parviainen for his great kindness!

© Zeljko Vujkovic - August 2008