First of all, thank you very much for this interview! Could you introduce yourself in few words please?
Of course. I am an artist, composer, singer and actor, interested in people and willing, as an artist and as a man, to create a better world

Many artists I have interviewed so far told me they started with their music career very early, mostly in teenage years what is no surprise in some way. How was with you Fabrizio?
I started at 14 years old by convincing my father to buy me a guitar. I wrote 3 or 4 songs as soon as I learned to play some easy chords, then I started a band, did concerts, then went to play in discos with a new band, and in ‘85 I recorded “Talking to the night”, the first Brian Ice’s hit.

Brian Ice is your artist name. Can you tell me did you choose it by yourself and how did you decide what name to choose?
I wanted to have ICE in my nickname, after an old friend’s game (he used to call me so). Then my producer asked me to add a first name before it, and I chose Brian because it’s the most similar to my own name, Fabrizio, and because it sounds good

Your first label was legendary Memory Records. Could you tell me how you get into Memory?
I recorded a demo song, the very first version of Talking to the night at Roberto Lajolo’s home, with an 8 track recorder of his, he contacted Memory and they liked, so they called me to sing the definitive version. Then Roberto and I worked to complete the song for the best

First single released was Talking To The Night? Can you tell me a little bit more about that single?
I can tell you it was pretty different in its very first version, it even had a different title, something like “Do you love me now?”, but then I had this flash of the chorus in my mind and I remember I wrote it, along with the lyrics, in about thirty seconds!

You worked with R. Lajolo and G. Isgro on every single in the 80's (for Brian Ice). Tell me about them please. Who are they? Did they working on some other projects you know and Idon't?
They were and are good colleagues and friends. I know Roberto is working with musical software and instruments now, and Giuseppe wrote some songs for the Italian pop market. We used to work very well together because we were very happy and motivated, really a good team

Your producers were A. Zanni and Stefano Cundari. Legendary guys from legendary music company. If you can tell me about them as well?
Don’t know much about Zanni. I saw him a couple of times to sign deals and so on. He cared more about the economical side of Memory. Stefano was a great engineer and studio producer. He knew what he wanted, he had great passion

You were not only singer, but composer as well. You composed many songs: Brian Ice - Tokyo for instance, together with R. Lajolo. Can you tell me a bit of your composer work in the 80's? Not to forget that you also released Body Power (Dancing In The Tears, Nothing, It's A Life, Fire), Roy (Destiny Time, Shooting Star (Six Times)), Alan Ross – Ciao Ciao, Kissing The Kiss – Run Stop etc. etc. etc.
I was appreciated by dance producers because I write lyrics that, as we say, “sound”. That means that the right words are in the right place to contribute to the sound and musicality of the song. And also because I try to be a little poetic and, as my fans write to me, this gives them something more than an “easy” Italo dance song. I am still working a lot for Japan (Rodgers Music) and I really enjoy it. Roy, Alan Ross and others were friends, and I’m proud I contributed to their success

I have to tell you, since I am big fan of italo disco and italo is my big love it is nothing strange to tell that sometimes I have dreams about italo. You maybe wouldn't belive but some years ago I was dreaming that it was summer and I am on the beach with friends and in one beach restaurant I've heared playing Roy – Destiny Time! This is crazy dream, isn't it?! I can't believe now I am able to tell you, to tell guy who made that song!
If I could make you dream something good, that’s even more than I hoped with my songs!

Memory Records is one of the best italo label for many fans and for me as well. Think it was a privilege releasing songs for them. Would you agree with me?
Yes, definitely. It’s been a privilege

First single brought you great success. After that followed no less then great success of others singls – Tokyo, Night Girl, Over Again, Walking away... Every singl was success and I believe you were very satisfied?
I was proud and pleased I had a job, and a job that made people happy. That’s not a common gift from Above

Could you tell me what 80's song of yours is your best?
Talking to the night, of course…

Did you met any other artists from Memory?
I met and worked with KOTO, Alan Ross, Roy, and not only Memory artists like Albert One, Miko Mission, Scotch and others

Memory gathered in one place so great and legendary italo-disco names, I wonder did you have friends among them? If so, do you still have contact with them after many years?
Unfortunately I lost track of many of them. But in this legendary genre, one minute in an occasional meeting is enough to be friends again, because Italo disco artists are friends forever!

What do you think about so called „Golden Era“ of the 80's, italo disco era?
That it was a big time. Extraordinary melodies in an easy and characteristic arrangement

You were making italo disco songs. I wonder was italo style of music you liked or it was strictly business?
No, I really liked it. I came from rock and pop, and I loved to put down in easy lines what my deepest thoughts were. When I listened my song on the radio for the first times I thought it was really something!

I would like now to talk a little bit about your work with Giancarlo Pasquini. Could you tell me please how you met him and how did you start working with him?
About 12 years ago, working on “Dance girl”, Ala Bianca’s boss Tony Verona asked me and Franco Diaferia to do a mix at Giancarlo’s studio. We met there. After a while I let him listen to some works of mine and he asked me to write songs with him, so we started

Mostly your songs was releasing for Flea, then for A. Beat C... I wonder, who decided which song going „out“ for Flea, which for A. Beat C. and why? What is the criteria?
The record company, the owner, the producer, the “boss”. That is really few of my business, I only give ‘em the songs

Maybe you could tell me which song of yours you made for Flea or ABC is your dearest and why?
I like many of them, like “Soul gasoline” (Dave Rodgers), “Nothing’s gonna take my love from you” or Brian Ice’s recent “One day” and “Ev’ry night”. The reason is the message and/or the melody that I still believe to be the most important part of a song

What are you doing today Fabrizio?
I still work with Giancarlo Pasquini, but I’m currently working for musicals. I wrote all songs and lyrics for “Sketch – the musical” (, I wrote 2 comedies, and I’m an actor. I’ll be on stage starting from 12th of January at Teatro della Luna (Milan) in a big musical (“The Sound of Music”) with Tv stars Michelle Hunziker and Luca Ward

What is your goal and where do you see yourself in, let's say, few years from now?
To become a big theater, cinema and tv star and to write music for important projects like very big musicals. Is it too much?

Do you have any message for your fans? .
Keep on believing in your dreams, and smile. People need to smile and to have smiles around them. Never underestimate the power of your personality. Read the books of my favourite philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard ( or if you prefer it in Dutch). That’ll help you and I to create a better world.

Thank you very much Brian Ice for this interivew. Of course I could ask you much more questions but I understand that you are busy. I wish you all the best. Your fan Zeljko.
Thank you for asking. Wish you all the best


Big thanx to Henrik Markstedt!!!

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