For so many years “Closed” was mysterious band for me and I am so happy I got opportunity to find out more and thank you so much! I remember my feelings clearly in 1987 when I heard for the first time “Living In Your Eyes” , faster heart beating, goosebumps were just two of many feelings I had :-) Since then, it is one of my best “Italo Disco” songs. Can you tell us your feelings when you made this fabulous song?
We were much younger, and at that time listening tunes with feeling. It was what we wanted to convey at that moment, as the melody and the lyrics of the song are very emotional.

Where you took inspiration for this song?
Gabriel Tintó, CLOSED duo singer, worked at a local radio station in Sabadell (Barcelona), and in his program all the music for the publicity done by the sound technician José María Pasadas. One day he brought a song half done, I heard it, and we decided not to include it for the publicity, because we really liked. It lacked the chorus, and Gabriel did it that night. After testing several voices, we decided that Gabriel sing the song. We lacked a female voice, and Olga Tintó, a partner in the radio program, finally made the chorus. Was our friend David Lyme who recommended us to record in a recording studio and presented on various labels. And finally liked the song and was released through the label DON DISCO. This group was called CLOSED (Gabriel Tintó, Olga Tintó and José M ª Pasadas).
Could you tell us something more about David Lyme please?! How you met him?
Gabriel was working in a radio station, and interviewed David Lyme and there after we had a good friendship. He was who encouraged us to show “Living In Your Eyes” to record labels. For a long time we have not got contact with him.

Could you tell us a bit about Don Disco team who produced the song?

When DON DISCO accepted the song, we had the producers J. Stephanelli and Gino. Mauricio Tonelli was the sound technician and Checho Soler was the programmer of the percussion and touched the live charles.

“Closed” is duo, Elisabet and Gabriel. Can you tell us more about you? How you two met and when?
After 3 years of the release of "Living In Your Eyes", José M ª Pasadas left the group, and in 1992 Closed published in Spanish entitled "Algo pasa" with EPOCCA MUSIC label, which is only sold in Latin America. Olga later continued his studies, leaving the world of music, and Gabriel moved to England. In one of his family visits to Spain, he met Elisabet Perera, coincidences of life that she too loved the music world, and we decided to come back with CLOSED group.

Is “Living In Your Eyes” your first music experience?
Yes, it was our first theme.

“Closed” is interesting name for duo. Why you decided to have such unusual name and from where you took it?
We were thinking many names, and at a party, one of our friends wore trousers CLOSED, and finally making jokes we decided to award the name to the group.

“Living In Your Eyes” vinyl is pretty expansive today, it's very rare and I guess you are aware of that?! ;-) Do you have your own copy still?
Yes, I know and obviously we retain our copy.

“Don Disco” label released other very good “Italo” songs, but I always wondered and felt sorrow that nothing else came out from “Closed”. Could you tell us the reasons for that?
Yes, it is true, we were about to edit other song but we had problems of understanding with the label, and we decided not to edit it.

You do have although another great songs, but never released. Those are “Dance With Me”, “Take My Hands” and “Touch In The Night”, which is cover of German’s band Silent Circle. Would you tell us more details about each song please?
For our performances we needed to add more songs, and made "Dance For Me" by J. M. Pasadas, "Take My Hands" by Irene Cesar of Day Dream group and a cover of Silence Circle "Touch In The Night", a song that really likes to Gabriel.

I would like to take a chance again and to ask you about Irene Cesar. How you met her and on what way you worked with her? DayDream project was also successful and Irene made great music for all her songs.
At that time we had the same manager and we were together in the performances. Her sister Monica (component of DayDream group) worked with Gabriel on the radio. We became great friends with the group. In our last show we talked with her, she commented that it is a medical doctor and is also dedicated to making radio and television Gingles.

Could you tell us where the video for “Dance With Me” took place? This video was available for watching on YouTube for some time. If you could tell us more details please?
The video of this performance was recorded in a television studio where we sang these songs. We had to remove it from youtube because there was record labels that wanted to edit and for the moment we are not interested.

What was the occasion of that TV appearance?! Was that some music show or....? Have you been the only italo artist or some others appeared as well?
The show was made in a local television for a program magazine, and we were the only italo artist that appeared.

Do you have now days any plans with these songs perhaps?
For the moment we are not going to edit it. In a future it is possible that we will edit those songs. Now we have other interesting songs that are going to be edited in a few time, one of them is "Crazy Love".

“Crazy Love” is your newest song, soon ready to be released. Tell us please about this song? Producer, label and when you expect it to be available for purchasing?
"Crazy Love" is a song made in our studios: "Shot Studios". After compose actual songs, several labels proposed us to redo songs Italodance 80 with current technology, and convinced us. And so appears "Crazy Love". We are the producers of the song and shortly will be edited through the IVENTI RECORDS label.

What or who was your inspiration to come back now, after many years since your first song? Who ever decide that, it's a great move, at least for me? ;-)
Gabriel was who decided to come back with CLOSED, along with Elisabet

I would like to hear your opinion about so called “Sabadell” sound or Spanish “Italo Disco”, in what way you were living that sound in the 80's?
The Sabadell sound was formed for the number of groups italodance that emerged from Sabadell in those years. For example: David Lyme, Day Dream, Squash Gang Green Ice, Closed, etc. We live those days very intense and fun, we did what we liked and we had the opportunity to meet wonderful people.

Are you “Italo Disco” fans? ;-)
The italodisco is part of our life, is in our blood, but we also like other styles of music

Elisabet and Gabriel, have you ever sang any other “Italo” song under different name that we don't know? As main vocal or back vocal?!
Italian style, no. We have made some covers as "Hooked on a Feeling" by Mark James

Could you, Elisabet and Gabriel, say your top songs in “Italo”, including Spanish “Italo”?
Dolce Vita - Ryan Paris
I Want An Illusion - Squash Gang
In The Night - Daydream
How Old Are You - Miko Mission
And more ....

Could you share with us what is your full time job today and any interesting things from your private life?
We make an normal life, like everyone else, but we spend a lot of time doing music.

Did I forget to ask you something which is important and you would like to say now?
We think not

Do you have any message for your fans?
We hope very soon be with you all ..... and … “VIVA” ITALODANCE MUSIC!

Elisabet and Gabriel, thank you so much for this interview and giving me opportunity to be happy writing questions for one of my all time favorite band! ? My best regards and looking forward to have your new vinyl in my hands soon ? I wish you all the best!
Thank you for interviewing us and giving us the opportunity for people to know us a little more.
It has been a pleasure answer your questions.
See you my friend and take care.

Note: I wish to thank to Euroflash forum, to its owner Alex, and especially NeXium.

© Zeljko Vujkovic - October 2009