Hello Veronica. It's great feeling to talk with you, with female deejay, so please tell me about yourself? Who is Veronica?
I immigrated to Canada from England when I was 4 with my parents, who had only $800, so I think that is what makes me a hard worker since my parents had to work so hard. I like to think that I inspire other DJs, and I have always been a music-lover.
I love to travel and play out of town as often as possible. I also run a few nights in Vancouver, Canada (where I live now) and I try to get new DJs out playing their first gigs.
I also do other things too! I love to snowboard, I used to be a florist (I ran my own Flower company), I am politically active and I like the outdoors: hiking, boating, etc.)

Being a female deejay, how it looks like?
Being a female Dj, well, I can't compare it to being a male DJ really...I guess it's the same. In past interviews I have been asked if I think that men play differently than women, and my answer to that was that I think everyone plays differently from one another, so it's hard to say.

Do you think that «deejay world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous deejay?
Sometimes. I think it's funny how when I show up at a club and the bouncer will let in the guy who is carrying my records and ask "are you with him?" and I will say, "no, he is with me". I usually think it's funny. I think the world is predominantly a man's world (thinking about the world as a whole, not just the 'western' world).
Is it harder? Well, I am not sure, in some ways it may be easier as people like the concept of a female DJ, but in some ways it is harder as the expectations can be greater at times. To become a successful DJ, one must give it 110% effort, regardless of gender.

Tell me please how you begin with music and deejaying?
One night I was driving down the street & I heard music on the radio...it was "Blue Six: Sweeter Love", and I was amazed, so I telephoned the radio station (there were no house music shows in Vancouver at all back then that I knew of (not even hip hop, just top 40 and country!) so I just had to go & see what was going on. I telephoned & said, "I must come to see you, where are you?" and they gave me the address. It was a co=op radio station, and there were two guys there DJing-I thought that there was a party going on there, but there wasn't. It was their first week doing the show. The next week, they received so many telephone calls (as I had told everyone about it) that they asked me to be their producer! Not knowing exactly what that entailed, I agreed, as I just wanted to be apart of this music that had so moved me.
From that point, the rest is history. I produced the show, hired DJs, and then one particular Dj I met through doing this show, DJ Kelvin "Monk" Noel, taught me to spin. After that, I was on my own and I would ask other DJs if I could watch them, and many were kind enough to let me.

Could you tell me in chronological way your «music way»?
I started off liking Madonna as a young child, and grew up on her music, and have always loved her music. (I flew to Las Vegas to see her in concert last year.) Then I got into rap and hip hop while I was about 10 years old, starting with Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Africa Bambatta, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Cameo, among others. I also really enjoyed black gospel music, the kind you would hear down south in churches, though I never heard it live. Then I got into Little Louie Vega, and then house music in general, as well as Bjork.

As I have noticed you are travelling a lot?
I am travelling as much as possible as I love to travel. I have DJ'd in Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, New York, Seattle, and all over British Columbia (the province I am from in Canada). I have also lived in Fiji, and I was born in England. I have also travelled to Hawaii, France, Monaco, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal, Quebec City, South Africa, Oregon, Mexico, and probably more places I can't think of right now!

Your coolest place where you worked?
Australia & Hong Kong are tied for first!

Describe me your feelings when you play music?
I am not sure how I feel when I play, I kind of 'zone out' in a way and I am in my own world, with the people dancing. When I DJ, I have no cares in the world. It is truly an emotional experience that I love. Sometimes when I finish playing I feel so high, in a way that no drug could ever compare with.

What style of music you are playing?
I am playing all styles of house...I cannot commit to a particular genre of house music, as my music is venue-dependant. But...the music that I like the most right now is tek-house, a little on the dark & sexy side, with a driving marching beat. Does that make sense? It's so hard to categorise music sometimes as everyone has their own definitions.

Veronica, one very big problem today in nightclubs and discotheques is using drugs by very young people. Tell me about it, please? How to solve this problem?
I have a degree in criminology & sociology, so you may think that I have some sort of solution to drugs in clubs. In a way, I guess I do, but I doubt that it would happen any time soon...I believe that if drugs were legalised & regulated, they would be safer. At least people would know what they were doing. Because drugs are legal, they are also lethal sometimes as they are mixed with substances such as various poisons. Throughout history, humans have sought to alter their states of consciousness, so I think that this is a part of human nature. Some runners seek 'runners highs', some natives seek spiritual awakenings through 'peyote', some use alcohol, which is a drug as well, it's legalised because the government makes money in taxes on it, nit because it is safe. There are more deaths as a result of alcohol than most all other drugs combined!

Yours favourite musicians and songs?
Oh my, so many, I will give you some of my favourite artists: Terry Francis, Jay-J, Chris Lum, Trevor Walker, Prophets of Sound, Bjork, Madonna, Little Louie Vega, Public Enemy, and SO MANY MORE!!! Too many to name!

I have heard only for one female deejay here in my country Croatia, it's DJ Virgin Helena who plays electronic music. But you have mentioned to Anfradno do I know DJ Sunshine, unfortunately I don't so if you can tell me a bit about her and are you familiar with deejays from Croatia?
I would like to meet DJ Virgin Helena. Please pass my contact info on to her! All I know about Sunshine is that she seems to be doing quite well and I wouldn't want to speak for her, but I can give you a link to her: http://www.divadjs.com/DJs/MissSunshine/misssunshine.htm
I am not very familiar with many Croatian Djs... but I am sure I will be soon after this interview is on your website! :)

Have you ever being in Croatia in past? Or you maybe have planned to come?
I have never been but I plan to come one day! My grandmother used to go to Croatia for summer holidays & I have seen pictures & it seems lovely.

One more question about Croatia's parties. Have you ever heard for parties under names: Future Shock, Valcana Beach party (this party is under sponsorship of MTV). Also every New Year's eve we have big party in our beautiful city on the coast, in Dubrovnik, and I think this New Year's party is under MTV's sponsorship as well but I am not sure?
Sounds amazing, but I have not heard of them...I guess I am too far away!

What is the music situation in Vancouver, in Canada generally? In disco clubs etc.?
The music situation in Vancouver is great: there are loads of great DJs and artists, like Tracey D (http://www.chicksmix.com) and DJ Tomek (http://www.breakthatbeat.com) as well as many others (listed on my website http://www.djveronica.com). It is a small city though, and therefore there are not too many clubs to choose from compared to many other cities I have visited. Also, the clubs close at 2am, which is so lame! But afterhours clubs open afterwards, so that is a lot of fun, but they get shut down a lot by the police so they are constantly opening & closing & moving elsewhere. In the summer, the outdoor parties are amazing. I did a review on a party I played at recently. It is here: http://www.12am.com.au/newmusic/columns/veronicasvibes/090702.html and I also did a review of one of my new nights which is here: http://www.12am.com.au/newmusic/columns/veronicasvibes/170702.html with Tracey D which included drummers (Guiness book record holder drummer!), vocalists, sax players & DJs, including Little Miss Large (UK), and DJ Rhiannon with an all female DJ line-up, so I really do love the Vancouver scene, as that's where I got started!

Veronica, do you see yourself as famous deejay?
Not really famous, but getting to be known, yes. :-) I mean, I haven't been in Mix Mag magazine or anything, but maybe one day!

The most quality music comes from which country? Is it maybe USA or UK or Italy or Germany...? I think this is tough question and not easy to answer or impossible?
Tough question indeed! Maybe USA, UK, Asia, Australia, Germany, Sweden...oh I just can't answer this question, sorry!!!

Could you tell me a bit about your work on MTV Canada?
I have been on the show Select (MTV Canada) 8 times now. I have met many celebrities from being on the show, and I have had several interviews, which will be on my website soon! I love being on TV as it's so much fun! I used to get a little nervous, but now I really look forward to it and I am not nervous at all. I have also gotten quite a few out-of-town DJs on the show too and they have all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Penny for your thoughts now, in this moment? :-)
How many more questions??? Just kidding! :)

What is your goal Veronica?
So many: producing tracks, DJing in 5 continents, so far I have done 4! I want to DJ in Africa along side steel drums! I also want to travel as much as possible.

Veronica, is the future now, at this moment, and how do you see yourself in future?
I see myself being happy, no mater what I am doing.

I saw on your web site many events to come where you have performance?
Oh my goodness, all over the place...one of the nicest places in Vancouver where I will be playing is at a place called Heaven On Earth.

Have you anything to say more what is important and I haven’t asked you and I am sure I missed many things?
Well, I wanted to say to anyone who wants to be a DJ that it is very possible! If you like music, can count a beat, and are determined, you can do it! Some DJs make it look complicated & confusing, but it is not!

Do you have for me and for readers any exclusive news at this moment?
I will be Djing at the AIDSWALK for Vancouver again this year. I don't know if you have something like that in Croatia, but if you do, please support it!

OK Veronica, I think this would be all for this time. I want to say you big thanx for your time and I wish you further many nice moments in your music and in private life with lots of success. Bye.
Thanks very much! I wish you luck with your website & wish you all positive vibes & good things to come! Thank-you for the interview & the thoughtful questions!

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