I think I don't have to specially introduce song „Let Me Be Your No. 1“ by Dato Shake to any italo disco fan. I am pretty sure that every italo fan has it in his italo collection (in any type of media). What is probably more questionable is who is Dato Shake?
So far we found out many things about our dearest and beloved italo artists. But, about some, or better to say about many, we still don't know much and Dato Shake is certainly one of them. But I will try to correct this fact.
Recently I have been speaking over the phone with Mrs. Milena Shake, who's Dato Shake's wife and menager. On my suprise we have been speaking in Croatian because Mrs. Milena's origin are from Croatia's neighouring country. Mrs. Milena called me from L. A., USA, and explaind me some things in few words regarding Shake and his career and we can expect some more in forthcoming interview. Till then....

Dato Shake is born Maleysian and came to Europe in 1976, as a child. After many years he will become very successfull, at first in France. Later in Italy and in whole Europe with his only one italo hit mentioned above. Dato Shake released his italo hit for famous Italian label Baby Records, in 1985. He wrote that song and produced. Song soon became hit in whole Europe. But something happend.... Freddy Naggiar, the owner of Baby Records, distributed the song without exact contract with Dato Shake and left Dato Shake 0 (zero) cent for his work, for his song „Let Me Be Your No.1“ which made thousands and thousands of dollars. In the forthcoming interview we can expact polite answers from Dato Shake, answers which will be said by professional, but Mrs. Milena told me that I can freely write that Freddy Naggiar is: „a big thief!“ I was suprised with her statemant but not much. Why? I guess we all know the answers. Tom Hooker in interview said me about Mr. Naggiar: „...he was a clever millionaire...“. It's not wonder why he made lots of money ? What I just said is a bit sarcastic but it's true in some way. Moreover because one italo artist also said me, in private conversation (I can't say his name), that in Northern Italy only money is imporatant and nothing else so they, like Freddy Naggiar, puts feelings, quality (!?).. aside. Many menagers of famous Italo Disco labels asked for pretty big amount of money for song to be only listen and not to mention published. What is the most hurting for me personally, I am talking about my favorite italo artist.
No matter what happend with Baby Records' owner, Shake went further and became even more popular and because his great popularity the Gouvernment of Malaysia gave him the title Dato, what means the same as Sir in England. He is one of the top recording artist in Malaysia and Singapore. (f you would like to know more about titles "Dato" given in Malaysia you can visit next site: http://www.knowledgerush.com/kr/encyclopedia/Datuk)
Dato Shake today live in L.A. and he is very often in Europe as well so I could say that he and his wife and two chidlrens (they have twins) lives on L.A. – Paris – L.A. route. Shake today work much on movie music and have success.
More about Dato Shake we will find, hopefully, in forthcoming interview which will be soon online.

All the classic italo songs where most likely released on vinyl records. Some people have vast collections of vinyl probly including Dato Shake's material. Even in this new age of technology vinyl still holds a place in peoples hearts due to the album art and some even argue sound quality. However for the most part MP3's have taken over putting vinyl, 8-tracks, and cassettes on the back burner. Like stated before they are released more on basis for collectors and not the majority these days.

© Zeljko Vujkovic - December 2005