Fabian Nesti is an italo disco singer who made only one song - "Heigh Ho", but that song worth much more than only one song. In its classical italo disco sound, this song captured attension of every single italo disco fan with unique vocal. It is one of the most recognizable italo disco song.

Luckily for Fabian's fans, he is BACK! His new song for Flashback Records is his return where he and his producer Mauro Nacci stoped exactly 21 years ago. Thanx to Joey Mauro and Kimmo Salo, from Flashback Records, another masterpiece is coming to every italo fan's turntable. So, unfinished work is now moving again and this is true joy for italo fans.

Fortunately for me, with kind help of Joey Mauro and Kimmo Salo I've got chance to ask few questions to Fabian Nesti and Mauro Nacci. No matter this is short interviews, I hope you will all enjoy.

Can you tell me about yourself please?
Hi. It’s a pleasure to be here with you. Well I been singing since I was 12 years old imitating the artists of that time and also singing in all type of events. My real name is Fabio Nesti and I was born in the beautiful city of Florence and now I live in Pisa where I’m involved in the touristic section with my Agency.

Your first and only single was „Heigh Ho“. It's a great italo disco song. Tell me please how you made this song? Your producer was Ennio Manuel who made lots of great italo songs, such as Max Him – „Japanese Girl“, Cruisn' Gang – „America“, The Clork Work Toys – „You're My Heart, You're My Soul“ just to mention a few. Tell me about him please, how you met him, and about other guys involved in creating of your mega hit song. Song has been released in 1986 for Crusin' Records and how come you released only this song?
In 1986 I was invited in a summer show singing different style songs with the composer Mauro Nacci at the Keyboards…… and there we are!!!! A good friend of mine, Johnny Parker deejay and vee jay of the popular video clip show videomusic came up to me saying “What in the hell are you doing here, let’s get going, you must be an artist in the dance music with that voice!” He introduced me to Ennio Manuel of the Cruising Record and the hit Heigh-Ho was born. It was a great opportunity and fun which I will never forget, tour, radio promotion and a lots of friends. After this fantastic wave, with Mauro Nacci we want back to compose Italian songs and I start working and working hard in the company of my family and I lost the connection with the dance company till now….

Today you are working on new song, „Tell Me“, with Flahsback Records?

Mauro Nacci came up to me saying…. “Are you ready, are u ready? For what? was my answer. Joey Mauro of the Flashback Records got in touch with me cause of you… Do you feel to go on with an italodance project ? Ok guys, we are back and we will continue as long as we can”.

Your present occupation except recording new song is "touristic work"? Thank you Fabian for this little chat :-)
Well I’m going back to my office, have to take care of the incoming of the turists in Tuscany with my trains and buses……………………He-Hoooooooooooooooooooo.



Can you introduce yourself please? I have to admit this is the first time I am hearing your name so I would like to hear about you more.
Hi there nice to meet you. My name is Mauro Nacci. I’m a musician, composer and producer and I always and still now working and living with music for the music. My story is I believe similar to thousands…. Not very “number one“ at school. I mean I did my job, my parents were happy but my dream came up when I went to buy my first mixer and make a real tape.
I started playing piano bar at clubs, singing and producing local band.

What is your relationship with Fabian Nesti?
After an advert in the papers where I was looking after singer I met, firstly Fabian Nesti and after Johnny Parker and the project He-Hoooo came alive.
I really had to convince Fabian for the project, but I did and since than we are really good friends and this is the reason why we are still together today for the new releases.

Your plans for near future?
The future??? We will see how turns out this new adventure.
Thanks seee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Mauro.


© Zeljko Vujkovic - June 2007