Fred Ventura started his Italo disco carreer in the beginning of the 80's. His first project was Flexx with the song Flexxyball (1983, Hole Records 20202). He turned out to be a very talented and productive musician who wrote and composed a hundred of high quality songs for himself and for many other artists. Just to mention a few : Albert One – Turbo Diesel (Baby Records, 1984), Paul Paul – Burn On The Flames (Music Market, 1985), Aleph – Big Brother (Time, 1988), Alan Barry – Tell Me The Reason (Disco Magic, 1988), Rose – Perfect Time (Time, 1989), Nilla Backman – New Day (Downtown, 1989) etc. For himself he wrote songs like Wind Of Change, Leave Me Alone, Night And Day, Imagine, Heartbeat, Lost In Paris, The Years etc. He had very productive co-work with other genius of italo disco of the 80'ssuch as Mauro Farina, Giuliano Crivellente, Roberto Zanetti, GiaNcarlo Pasquini. Later in the 90's he worked with Laurent Gelmetti , and Giacomo Maiolini (the chairman of Time Records).
He published his songs under many labels : Time Records, Macho Records, Italian Style Records and his very own Evolution Records. This label was a special label just for himself, releasing some kind of house music, nothing similar to Italo disco. Among the artists featured were : Vision Factory, Vodja – Everything For Love, PDL – Electronica etc. To my opinion he 80's and 90's were his best years, I should rather say the Italo disco years. He made some great songs in the 90's as well, for example: Lisa – Love (Time, 1991), Virgin – No More Love (Time, 1991), Gipsy And Queen – Black Bird (Time, 1991), Maio & Co. – Feel The Groove (Time, 1991) etc. Nowadays Fred is doing some great stuff for many famous Italian stars, for example Jovanotti. He is also a very well-known deejay.
And for the end, Fred consideres himself as a very very ordinary guy, he feels like a 20 year old guy, he is GREAT !!! I felt that thru my conversation with him on the telephone. FRED VENTURA IS ONE OF THE GENIUS OF ITALO DISCO

Ciao Fred ! How are you ?
I am very well, thank you, especially now because I am here. It past some time since I was here, with my friends and fans.

How was on the last night concert ?
Oh, it was great, so nice that I can sing again with my great Italo audience. I saw how excited the people were and I am really happy

Fred, what is your occupation now in Milan ?
You know Zeljko, I am working hard on the production for the other artists. Jovanotti for example. I said goodbye to Italo disco songs a long time ago, but I will be always ready to make concert like this and sing only for my Italo friends. Anyway I have a lot of work to do, and to not forget I am very active as a deejay. This is a very interesting period for me.

What is your plan for now, in The Hague ?
Well, I came here last Friday, the same day I had concert and I will be staying here for one week. We will have a live radio show today, I think it will be interesting. Next weekend, on Friday, another concert will be held, this time together with Aleph and Domino. It will be a great Italo party !!!

Denis told me that whole Hague is undersiege of your posters. Unusual to see posters with name of yours and ITALO in such a huge European city ?!
Yes indeed. Marcello did a great job and it's very nice to see how much he loves Italo.

OK Fred, I know you are very busy, thank you very much for this conversation, my dream come true, that's definitely.
(laugh) Thank you Zeljko and maybe we will see each other one day on my concert.

I would like that very much !!!
Ciao Zeljko

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