Thank you George for the interview. Can you introduce yourself in few words please?
Well, thank you for this opportunity, I was born in 1963 and became a professional singer in 1983 although I have recorded a couple of records before it, „giorni d'estate“ in 1981 with a band called Monopolio and in 1982 „Just for you“ under the nick name of Cruz. I have sold over 10 millions of records within 1983 and 1989 (including compilations and so on indeed).

I will start with the fresh news. New singl is out! Can you tell me more about your new single „Heaven“? Introduce guys who were working with you on the song please.
Heaven was written and recorded in one afternoon at Mario Percali's own studio, Mario is one of the most productive producers in the italo scenario and was my first «important» producer in 1983 also keyboard player of our band VIDEO. He's a great person and a real good friend, a real musician and that's why we kept working together for so many years now, we both put «heart and soul» in the songs and not only sounds with a p.c. Heaven is the fruit of a dream that still keeps rolling after more than 25 years.

Since 1989 till 2001 you didn't release any new song. What is the reason for that?
I simply had other things to do, I had my big time in the 80's and everything ended by the end of 1989, it seemd like an era was over, it ended as fast as it started, I am really thankfull to God for what I had and I have no claims for it ended so suddenly, I was young enough to build my life in different roads and now that I have my family and my own business working I am glad I can share some time with Mario and record new songs. Music was my first love and still is part of my life, I don't care if my records will sell or not, I put all my effort and love in every sngle song I sing no matter what this song will do.

But you did go on many italo concerts? Is it pleassure for you?
Yes I love to sing on stage, that's my life! I am a singer more than a song writer even if I have written all the words of my songs, I love to share my music with the people and sing for the italo fans is fantastic because we love the same sound.

When I have read your biogrpahy I could saw that you are, among italo singer, rock singer as well. To be honest, when I saw and heard you on I Venti party in Mantova the start of your perfomance sounded me like a pure rock artist perfomance ? But luckly for me, and for others I guess, then came the old good sound from George Aaron. You were singing Italo music, but do you regret you didn't sing rock? What kind of music do you listen in spare time?
Well, I started singing rock'n'roll and beat, mostly like the biggest part of the singers, I loved Elvis and still I do, but I am an 80's guy so my music is definitly italo. In this days I am listening to many different things, I love good music and I never look for something special, one of my favourites anyways still remains George Michael, to me the best voice I've ever heard after Elvis.

I can not to ask one sensibile question. It's about Den Harrow (Manuel Stefano Carry). You are good friend to him. We all know that Manuel didn't sing his songs in the 80's, he was just a model and vocals were someone's else. Today he is singing and has lots of perfomance. What do you think about that situation in the 80's?
I simply did not care, to me it was a great gift to be able to perform and see my records on the charts, Den was just one of the many that were around and to me it really did not matter if he was the real one or not. You see, although it may sound strange the real exceptions was people like me or Gazebo, real singers and performers since most of the italo artists were studio projects. The only reason why many artists are cliaming against him is that he had much more success that they did, but I only look at what I have and I don't really care if someone else has more or less , anyone has his own share in life and there is always a compensation in the end.

In 2001 you made a song together with Den Harrow titled „Don't Ask Me Why“. Can you tell me more about that song?
We were working on a project that has never seen the light , the 80's all stars, and we wrote a few songs for it, one of those songs was „Don't ask me why“. A tour managers offered us to have tour around Italy together and it was decided to record a cd to push the tour, one of the song chooses was this, since it was long time that we wanted to perform together we took the chance.

OK, let's go on the beginning of your music carrer. Your first band was Monopolio. It didn't work out well. How you found the band, who was the members and what kind of music you have been creating? And what is the reason of closing down the project?
Monopolio was not a project but just a few friend playing together. We had the chance to win a couple of national contests and record two songs, pure italian style, but it was all part of the «school days dream» nothing more. The record we have made was printed in 1000 copies and it was sold out, for us, school boys, it was a great success but we never thougt to go any further.

One of the legendary Italo Disco songs is „Somebody“ by Video. Your first real mega success. Tell me more about that song?
The band was VIDEO and I met the producers at the Sandy's recording studio. To make a long story short, I met the owner of the studio thanks to the recording of the MONOPOLIO's song, he new I spoke english and when Todesco told him he was looking for a new male voice he called me to make a trial, they likes my voice and SOMEBODY was recorded. It all started as a studio project but the success was so big and impressive that we started performing on tv and then began to tour around Europe.

You recorded that song in Sandy's Recording Studio. I guess the owner was Sandy Dian. I wonder, did that studio „responisible“ for any other huge italo disco hit like Somebody is?
Sandy (Stefano is his real name) was grown with the FIREFLY (Sangy and Maurizio Cavalieri who was also my first producer with «Just for you «) Sandy had certenly much to do with the good results of the songs and he was part of the 80's sound builders even if not so well known by the most of the people. He gaved a lots to every sngle song and I think we can consider him part of the italo phenomenum as many other producers.

First song under name George Aaron was „She's A Devil“. Also one of big Italo Disco hits. Tell me more about that song please?
We wrote She's a devil wile SOMEBODY was on the charts, we needed to make a follow up of that song but the producers had problems within each other so in the end I kept workin with Mario Percali, Raff Todesco and Piero Fidelfatti, we could not use the name of VIDEO and that's how my solo career began, for sure we could have sold much more under the name of VIDEO at that time but to me it was the great challange to became famous by my own.

George, in your italo career you were singing under various pseudonims. Video, Time, Cruz, Flame.... You were working a lot! Have you been involved in decision on what pseudonim you will sing or the producers just asked you and you sang?
Cruz was the first pseudonim, it was the name of my penpal wile I was a baby and had this friend in NYC , the name of the bands were all decided by others, George Aaron is simple, George is my real name, Aaron was Elvis second name and my brother suggested me to use it

What is the reason one artist sings under many pseudonims?
We were recording so many songs that we could not issue 10 George Aaron singles at the same time, that's why....looking at it after years it was probably a mistake for my own career but it was really funny to have 3 songs on the charts at the same time with different names...

Can you tell me more about Raff Todesco?
Raffaello Todesco was the melody writer, he writes also beautiful italian words but since he doesn't speak english I had to write the words of our songs. He used to be a song producer and he is a very sensible person, a nice guy that I will always remember, he really helped me wile I was starting my career and I am thankfull to him for believing in me in the beginning. Actually I haven't seen him for a wile but we are in contact and i am always happy to meet him when i can.

He is still active in music business. Are you still in contact with him?
Yes I know he is still in the music business, but since I was not for a long time I have no idea about his actual business, to me today he is only a good friend and an important part of my past life.

I wonder, are you singing song „Can't You Feel It“ by Time? If so, can you tell me anything about Glen White please? He wrote that song. I know about him almost nothing (except his music projects) so it would be good if you can tell me anything?

„Can't you feel it“ was sung by Glenn White who is well know as KANO, I am sure you know this name very well. Glenn is a real great singer, a wonderful voice and a very nice person.
I must admit that Italo disco was for me a good chance to meet a lots of great people, differently from italian singers or rockers our ambient was simple and friendly , we all knew it was not going to last forever, I remember a pizza with Savage before a tv show when we both said how lucky we were and promised to meet again in 20 years for another pizza just to see where our life would have brought us...I still have to call him for that pizza but I will, one of hese days

„The 4 man team of Percali, Fidelfatti, Todesco, and Aaron was/is one of the best in italo disco history. They knew the right beats, the right instrument selections, and always carried a very deep, dark sound that paved the way for many future Italian artists.“** This is one of the sentances it can be found on the internet. You 4 seems to be very compatible. Tell me about your together's work, you did understand each other very well and know what you want?
Basically there was a lots of respect and each one was doing his own part without interferring to others. I had to sing and write words, Mario and Raff were those to write the music and Piero Fidelfatti had to build the rythm. It worked fine as we all did our job jointly, we gaved and received suggestions from each other as a team, no pushing no discussions no leader. And let me say we were al «clean» if you know what I mean, no drugs, no alchool, no strange ideas but just love for the music...

George, who is you favorite italo disco artist(s)?
No exitations here: Gazebo! I love his voice and his music and he is a very nice guy.

Your favorite italo disco song(s)?
«I like Chopin,» I know it may sound strange for the kind of Italo I have made, but it is really my favourite one.

What was the reason you stoped your career in 2003? It write's on your biography that „you refused to record any more songs“. Why?
I had no more reasons to do it, I was 40 ,I had so much from music in my life, more than I could ver dream of, I had my family and 2 fabulous children, my own work, you know it seemed to me it was enough, but the call of music was stronger than my thoughts...

What are you plans with the song Heaven and for near future?
We recorded Heaven just for our own satisfaction, as we did with all of our songs, if people will like it I will be glad and it would be a great surprise. We are already working on a 80's sound album, no covers of our own indeed, just new songs with our old good sound!

Can you share with me and with others anything from your private life?
What can I say? I am married since 1993 and still in love with my wife as if it was the first day, I have two children, Carlotta and Nicolò that I love more than my own life as probably all of you that have children may understand, I am now working on my own company and also deeply concentrated in politics, I think we must do our own part instead of keeping claim on others actions...and now I am back to sing...hoping you will like it.

Any message to Italo fans?
All I can say is that I am truely thankfull to each one of you for making my dreams come true, I will always be gratfull for this, if my life has been so special is just because of you, God may bless you. Allow me also to Wish a Wonderful Christmas and a helathy new year to everybody.

Thank you very much again for the interview George and wish you success with the new song and all the best for you and your family. Your fan Zeljko.

Special BIG thanx to Kimmo „Italoguru“ Parviainen

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