My first thought about you was your name. Giosue', for me personally very difficult to pronounce it! :-) Also I thought about Giorgio Armani, his nickname Gio :-) Who is Giosue Impellizzeri?
First of all, ciao Zeljko and ciao to all friends that read this interview. Giosuè is my real name and also in Italy isn't very easy to pronunce. Giosuè was a bible character and was also a very famous italian writer born in 1835: Giosuè Carducci. He wins also nobel for literature in 1906. Giosuè Impellizzeri instead, is italian dj-producer and journalist. I like very much figurative arts...infact I'm also student at University-arts.

How you began with music and when?
When I was 7 years old, I play piano. I study this instruments for 11 years but now I concentrate my energy to electronic music and journalist-work. The first sound that I was like is Lorenzo Cherubini alias Jovanotti...his first productions in english languages was magic for me.

I have read somewhere – techno journalist! Is that correct? Could you tell me please more details?
Eh eh's correct: many people call me «techno-journalist» because I prepare every week article, review, interview, charts of techno sound for TDW and other italian magazine. In Italy techno music is not very appreciated but I think that techno sound is the future and for this reason I believe totally in this kind of music. For me electronic music is a new form of communications. Probably in Italy there aren't many techno-journalist because the really techno is not understanding but I hope that the people appreciate my work!! :-)

Tell me about “Commodore Generation”? Explain to me and to others the meaning of these words.
It's a very cool question: "Commodore Generation" is my first track, released few mounth ago (on april) on GAS Records, italian techno label. "Commodore Generation" is very appreciated from many dj's of Gigolo (the german label of Dj Hell) as Tampopo, Capri, Vitalic, David Carretta, Zombie Nation ... besides, "Commodore Generation" is remixed by my heroes from Finland, Ural 13 Diktators: the version of Lauri's is very superbe. "Commodore Generation" (taken from "Android's Society E.p.") is a special track, that follow electro-astral style. "Commodore Generation" catapult u in the world of videogames born 20 years ago thanks to very particoular sound and singoular acclimatizations. Why "Commodore Generation" ?? I love 80's sound and 80's game....when I was child I play (with my friends) with Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari .... ehehe....very old games. I like very much the games from 80's and one day I listened the melody of old soundtrack for C64: with this inspiration I prepare my track. "Commodore Generation" is dedicated to all commodore boys and all players of old games ... I'm a first members of commodore generation !! :-)

You are deejay, journalist, artist, web designer, have I forget to mention something more or I said too much?
I'm dj (from 1992) and journalist from 1996 but I'm not web-designer....unfortunately I don't know very well the tecnology of web-site and I prefere collaborate with web-master.... :-)

Your most cool occupation in your life?
At the moment, I'm journalist for TDW and for other italian magazine as Jocks Mag, Cubase, Trend Wave. Few days ago start the new collaboration with Molto Records (the home of Stik) about reviews of his productions. I prepare also new productions: on next september, will be release on Gas Records, my second single that will contain one surprise: the new remixes of "Commodore Generation", by Psychodelia Alpha, a magic duo from Belarus. In the e.p. will be also "Commodore Generation" (Press Button Mix) and other unreleased tracks as "Humanoid", a mix of acid and big-beat. On next autumn will be release also my new-single: 80's sounds with strange acclimatizations !!

Your favourite music style and the influence on you?
My favourite kind of music is electronic techno but I like all music style. I think that the music is a think for living better. At the first time (when I was 13 years old) I listened commercial sound but, from 1994, I prefere electronic music. On 1995 I play «Maquina Style», a special techno from Spain, on 1996 I play progressive-acid, on 1997 I play hardcore...on 1998 I discover electro-beat with Gigolo records and Disko B. In my tracks I put my emotions and my sensations ... My style taken a little inspiration from Kraftwerk, the band from Düsseldorf born in the 70's.

Hi NRG and italo disco. For me personally 2 magic and the most beautiful and best music styles on this planet. For you?
Unfortunately I don't know personally the age of hi-nrg and italo disco because in the 80's I was very little child....but in the last years I listen many tracks from 80's and I think that on the 80's the music is very cool because the producers make more experiments than now.

Your first record you bought?
Eh eh eh....I don't remember very well but I remember this episode: when I was 12 years old (1992) I bought with my friend Marco a package of 20 old records for few was a special price! :-) I think that the first record that I play was "Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat" by Hit House. I remember also "Your Love Is Crazy" by Albertino feat. David Syon, "Everybody" by Cappella, "No Way Out" by Zappalà, "Carico Carico Carico" by Do It!, "Gipsy Woman" by Crystal Waters and "We Gonna Get It", the first production of Mauro Picotto.

Your first record you made?
I compose music from 1995: in the beginning I haven't instruments and made only bootleg with my turntables. On 1998 my parents bought (for Christmas) the groovebox Roland Mc-505 and with this machine I compose my first demo. I send many package to record-label with my demo-tape but the first records release is "Android's Society E.p." on GAS Records. About the remix, I make acid-version for "Heartattack" by Mike Nero (german dj-producer) and this version probably will be release also in Italy on the next month.

Are you familiar with Koto music?
I know Anfrando and I think that he is a very cool producer. I like very much his style but unfortunately I don't know very well all his productions. I hope that one day we meet face to face after many e-mails !!

Your site is completely in Italian language, as I know. Is there any chance for English version?
TDW ( is a most important italian web site dedicated to music (dance, house, techno, electro..), nightlife (dj's charts, interview, discotec) and hi tech (hardware, software, recording studio). The update is everyday. Everyday there are more of 2000 visitors !! From 1 january 2002 TDW is also on radio and television. I work for TDW from 1 september 2000. Unfortunately only house review and house interview is translate into english languages but I hope that from next september will be on-line also english version of TDW. International communications is important...

I saw on your site interviews with great Italian musicians, Koto, Prezioso, Carolina Marquez to mention a few. Could you tell me more about this side of your work? (Unfortunately, I don’t understand a word of many interviews on your site because I simply don’t know Italian language and this is pity!)
TDW have 3 sections: Music, Nightlife and Hi-Tech. I prepare review, article and interviews. My interviews is about techno-electronic dj and producers and appears only in Nightlife area. From september 2000 I make many interviews with famous producers as Dj Arne L II e Mirko Milano, Trance Generators, Massimo Cominotto, Paolo Kighine, Mario Più, Lange, Mijk Van Dijk, Joy Kitikonti, Francesco Zappalà, Y.O.M.C., Ural 13 Diktators, Emmanuel Top, Koto, M.I.K.E., Tony H, Tankis & Savietto, Nebula, Warp Brothers, Cosmic Gate, Gianni Parrotta, Al Ferox, Rimini Peter, The Horrorist, Rexanthony, Zombie Nation, Vitalic, David Carretta, Thomas Schumacher, Chris Liebing, Massimo Vivona, Monika Kruse and so on...I like very much discover new-talent and for this reason I make interview also for new artist as Capri (from Argentina), Energun 22 (from Belarus) and Ural 13 Diktators (from Finland). I'm the first italian journalist that spread the sound of U13 in Italy and for this reason I'm good friend with Lauri Virtanen and Lauri Pitkänen. I hope that very soon my interviews will be on-line also in english language.

I rather say dance music then techno (to be honest I don't like techno music) but I have noticed that many Italian deejays were guest in disco clubs in Croatian part of Istria. Have you been in Croatia maybe?
Unfortunately I never play in Croatia but I hope that in the future, the croatian disco-clubs call me for electro/techno dj-set. I'm not famous but I hope that my work in the music-section will be appreciate.

Next is question what I am asking everyone – your favourite artists and songs? And if you can explain me what is the reason you like them the most?
It's another good question: for me there are very very many cool the last period I appreciate very much the sound of Lab Insect, Kiko, Bybo, Polaaroid, Japanese Telecom, Dr. Shingo, Codec & Flexor ... my favourite artist ?? Mmm ... David Carretta, Terence Fixmer, Vitalic, Ural 13 Diktators, Westbam, Savas Pascalidis, Michael Baur, Dj Hell, Johannes Heil, Christian Morgenstern and many others. About songs, I remember the magic moments were I played "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess" by Great Mission ( a project of Yello and Jam & Spoon), "Oasis" by Paragliders (Oliver Lieb & Thorsten Stenzel), "Suicide Commando" by Dj Hell, all "E.p." by Junk Project, the first productions of Storm, "Lizard" by Mauro Picotto, "Hypno Fly" by Mr. Bruno Togni .... I like this tracks because for me it was very experimental. I love new sound and new-groove and I consider excellent the experimental-sound from France and Japan: Oxia, Kiko, The Hacker, Tampopo, Endrik Schroeder, Bastien Grine, David Carretta, Paul Nazca, Terence Fixmer, Kagami, Takkyu Ishino, Tobi Izui, Ray Kajoka and so on. I like very much sinth pop from United States as Fischerspooner and Crossover, and experimental electro by Japanese Telecom and Dopplereffekt from Intuit Solar Records.

I am 100% sure I didn't ask you something what is very important for your professional life so please tell me by yourself?
My «music-life» was born about 12 years ago: when I was child, I play at the birthday party of my school-friends. I dislike dance and my objective was play the records for enjoy my friends. I remember when I buy the records for play it with my friends on saturday night ...

Your professional goal is...?
I hope that one day I can open my personal label where I can produce new-artists and new music. I would become A&R....

Your private goal is...?
I study yet at University for become a final-year student...I hope that also the study-way will be ok as the music-way.

Your music dream is...?
Eh eh music dream is become a good dj and producer but I love the art of journalist. If one day I gain many money, I would create a music-magazine.

Do you like Internet? :-) What are the good sides and what are the bad sides of the Internet for you?
I use internet every day (for my works) and I think that internet is very important way for me because with it I can entry in the music world. With e-mails, all is more easy than 5-6 years ago, when I prepare review with tapewriter and send it via post-office....but everything had good faces and bad faces. Internet is bad for pornography sites and home-page dedicated to violence....and I hate really the virus !!!!! Another bad thing is a free-mp3....if I like one track I buy the record and not make download from the web.

How do you see your music future?
I try to make experimental music for the new-generation of people. The future is now and the electronic music is a good way for understand it.

Is there any person on this planet you would like to meet in future?
On april 2001 I went to Mannheim (Germany) for Time Warp 12, very important rave. I make interview with many dj-producers as Chris Liebing, Talla 2XLC, Toni Rios, Pascal F.E.O.S., Kai Tracid, Mauro Picotto, Sven Väth, Monika Kruse and so on but one day I hope that meet my big friend Ural 13 Diktators, Dj Hell and all Gigolo team, my friends Psychodelia Alpha and Energun 22 from Belarus, Capri from Argentina ...and many other friends!! :-)

Do you have any message for readers at the end?
If u like become dj-producer-journalist, believe totally in your quality and in your work. Unfortunately in the first time the things aren't very good but with time and energy the dreams come true. Music make my dreams come true.

Thank you very much for your time Giosue!
Thanks very much my friend Zeljko !! I hope that interview is ok! :-)

© Zeljko Vujkovic - 2004