Graziano, you are one of the producers who made huge Italo Disco hits, popular all around the world. Before you entered the world of Italo music you studied on 'Conservatorio G. Verdi'. Would you tell us when that happend and why?
I studied at G. Verdi Conservatory simply to learn and deepen my knowledge of music.

How would you describe your self, who is Graziano Pegoraro?
I would prefer to other people to discover it.

How you got into music business which happend in 1976 if I am right?
During the 70s, Miko and me wrote Italian tracks that in a certain way reached the attentions of some music producers, and so, the story began.

Which is first Italo song you heard and does it have anything with your decision to go with producing that style of music?
The first songs that I listened to, were of foreign bands reported to the beginnings of the 80s.

How you met Miko Mission? Can you tell us in details please?!
In 1969/1970 Miko was looking for a drummer for his band, a musician told him my name. Since then, we have always worked together, with the band until the 80s and then records until these recent years.

'How Old Are You' is one of the greatest Italo Disco songs. Please tell us how you made it.
“How Old Are You” was written in a small studio, situated in a colleague’s basement (that I still thank for his kindness and willingness).

I would like to ask you about the meaning of lyrics in 'How Old Are You'. Generally, the meaning of lyrics in Italo Disco were never so important, but what is the reason people doing silly lyrics?!
Most of the time, simple and catchy words are created in order to facilitate their marketability.

You also made song 'Around My Dreams' by Silver Pozzolli. Is he original singer of that song and who is the singer of remix version? Can you tell us more about it please?
Concerning “Around My Dreams”, many versions were made, both Covers and Remix, and therefore, I don’t really know how to answer.

I wonder who is Silver Pozzolli? Can you tell more about him please?
Silver Pozzoli is a great vocalist.

I would like to check with you does Miko Mission sing next songs:
- Alan Barry – 'Ring My Bell'
- The Winners – 'Freedom'

As far as I know, Miko hasn’t sung any of these songs.

Have you worked with Miko Mission in the 80s on some other Italo songs released under different names we didn't mention in previous question? Can you give some details please? That would be great to find out.
Miko wrote some lyrics for my Italo Dance songs: ”Around My Dreams”, “I love My Radio”, “Run To Me” and others.

Graziano, does Miko sing back vocal on any Italo Disco song? We don't know much about that.
I suppose not.

One of your Italo songs is 'Go Go Dyamo' by Cleo. Can you tell us who were the girls in that project? Someone known in the 80s or...?
I cannot answer because I did not directly collaborate on that production.

Great success was with song Dial My Number by R. Bais. Can you tell about him more please? Don't have much information about him.
R.Bais is a great artist, he has a marvellous voice and he’s a fantastic person. Working with him has been a pleasure.

One of the pretty successful producer in the 80s was Claudio Checcetto and he made with you some very well known Italo Disco hits like 'Run To Me' by Tracy Spencer? Can you tell about your co-operation with him, how you started to work together?
I think Claudio Cecchetto has been one of the greatest producers of the 70s /80s/90s. I was so lucky to meet him and work with him, thanks to contacts with Many Records label for which I have worked.

Have you worked in the 80s with any other Italo Disco artist else except we already mention (Miko Mission, Cleo, S. Pozzolli, Tracy Spencer)?
No, as far as I can remember.

In the 90s you continued successfull work with Italo Dance music, produced some successfull songs and projects. For example: Matto Grosso – Mytery, Ava & Stone – All Aboard etc. Have you worked on Miko Mission's 1990s songs? I mean on songs: 'I Can Fly', 'Mr. Blue'. Those Miko's songs were not accepted by his fans in a good way. What do you think about this?
I think that during the period of "I Can Fly", "Mr.Blue " the musical event was changing, with the advent of House music, and therefore, Italo Dance was going to finish.

Many years past since Miko Mission's great Italo Disco songs and these days you are releasing his new song 'Thinking Of You' which is very very nice Italo Dance song and very close to Italo Disco fans' taste. Would you tell about this song please? How you and Miko decided to make it? What is the reason you made it now etc.
Miko and I have decided to make a new single "Thinking Of You" just to restore some tastes and emotions tied in part to the style Italo Dance. We are happy to have done it.

What can we expect from you in near future?
I’m thinking about some propositions and working on some projects.

I wonder do you have today any music instrument you used in the 80s and do you still use it? If so, maybe you could make another Italo Disco song, in 80s style?!
I’m fascinated by technological evolution and I love the traditional one.

Are you familiar with new Italo Disco production some guys working in the last couple of years?
There are a few nice productions and others not.

Thank you for this interview Graziano and wish you all the best!
Thank you Zeljko.
Graziano Pegoraro

© Zeljko Vujkovic - June 2008