Questions by DanceMusic4u Team:
Marco, first of all many thanks for giving us the chance to have this interview with you. We know you don't have that much time if we only look what projects you're involved with. For all readers, who is Marco Marzi?
I’m a Vocalist – Producer and i made some years ago, with Tony Cau dj, a music production team called TOPDJ !! Topdj is a dance music production team! I especially do the lyrics of some songs e i manage the promotion of all the singles that we produce. I’ve started to work as a speaker in a radio and now i’m a vocalist in some clubs.
The components of our team are:
MARCO MARZI > Manager, Producer, Vocalist
TONY CAU > Manager, Producer, Dj
MARCO SKARICA > Producer, Dj, Junior Manager
SUPER MARIO > Producer, Dj

You've corporated in many projects as far as we know (Luca Zeta, Be Angel, Start Noise to name a few). All of them are distributed by Self Distribution Italy ( What is your role with Self Distribution?
In this period we produce for two labels: START NOISE is published by FMA and the other projects (X-CODE, THUNDER, MICHAEL TRAXX, THE DREAMERS, DANCE MAKERS) are published by BIT RECORDS ! The two labels are responsible of the distribution... FMA is distributed by Level One and BIT RECORDS is distributed by Global Net.

When did your carrier started in the music industry and with what production?
We start to produce as a team (at first with Marco Marzi, Tony Cau dj and Marco Skarica) in 2000, but the first official dance release was been START NOISE – YMDJ ! In this way we decided to work as dance producers.

How does a normal working day looks for you?
My day usually start at 10.00 o'clock and during the morning i produce with Super Mario dj. At 13.00 we have a break for lunch; at 15.00 Marco Skarica comes in our recording studio (Topdj Studio) and we start to work together.... he usually work until to 03.00 of the night !! During the weekend, especially friday and saturday night, we play in some clubs here in Italy... for example our dj’s like Marco Skarica plays @ Discoteca CUBO, the biggest dance discoteque in Italy ( !

What is your favorite style of music?
I like all the dance music, but especially Italodance....the kind of music that we produce!! :)

Is it hard to find new talented musicians and do they get a real chance to enter the music business in this hard times?
In this period is a bit hard to find new talented producers and musicians, because there aren’t many people with some good ideas!
However we are ready to get a chance to everybody.... we have a special DEMO SECTION on our website ( , dedicated to the all young producers that want have our opinion about their songs.... the e-mail address where send the material is

What do you think about the internet in general and what it means for the music industry. What are the good and bad things of that medium in your opinion?
In general we think that Internet is a beautiful thing, because we use it so much every day. About the music industry, the main problem about Internet is the illegal download of the songs... the consequence is that the labels don’t have more money for produce new projects and give a chance to new talented people! The good thing about Internet in music is that we are facilitated to comunicate to all the world... for the promotion of the songs with radios and labels Internet is essential.

Are you known with the famous 80's and especially the (Italo Disco) sound from that time? What do you think about that sound? Was Marco Marzi already active in that time within the music business?
I like so much 80’s Italo Disco but in that period i didn’t produce music yet... i worked in a radio station in Turin.


Which project (artist/group) of yours had the most success worldwide?
We like all our projects and we are convinced to all of them! The START NOISE project is more known in Italy and abroad, but we aim on some other new projects.... for example DANCE MAKERS and THE DREAMERS.

What countries are the best markets for this typical kind of music?
We think that, over the Italy, the Italodance is more appreciated in Austria, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, The Netherlands, Czech Republic.

What makes a song a good song for you? What espects are you watching for?
We think that a beautiful song must have a good idea (for example a beautiful melody or a great voice) and must have good sounds.

Questions by Zeljko Vujkovic:
In your opinion why there so many remakes today in comparing with the past, with the 80's for example? Does artists lost their inspiration?
I think that the best dance production are the original songs, not the remakes! There are some beautiful remakes that we like and sometimes we play in discos, but we prefer original ideas!

I remember the beginning of the Self Distribution in 1996 and they have started from the beginning as strong company and Self Distribution has kept main influence and they are still a big company. What is the secret in your opinion of such a great success?
I don’t know... perhaps the great success was because the Self distributed many great tracks in the 90’s... but i don’t have a particular opinion about Self, because our songs are distributed by other distributors.

Do you have feelings that the dance scene in some other countries took a little adventage of Italian Dance scene? And how is the situation today with Italian Dance scene in general?
About the musical scene in it's very strange!! Up to two years ago in Italy all the discos and radios for young people (15-30 years old) played dance music (like Gigi d'Agostino, Gabry Ponte, Molinaro, Provenzano, Prezioso, Molella and many more)!!
Now the situation is a bit different... the greatest part of discos and dance radios today play house and electro music (like Benassi or Global djs style)... we not like very much this kind of music !!! We continue to produce and play ITALODANCE music in radio and disco, because i'm sure that "DANCE WILL NEVER DIE"... the house is only a momentary style!! The most important dance radio in italy is M2O with Provenzano dj ( ! In the other parts of Europe the situation is different... now people in some countries (like Germany and many more) like electronic music... We like some artists of this kind of music, but we are convinced that Dance music give more emotions to people!! :)

In your knowledge, is it a big problem for unknown people to make a success if they offer great dance track, made in their home edition? I'm asking this because many things are around money and I had the chance to meet some guys who made very nice dance tracks at home but for them it was hard to find producers and other influent people who did accept their work and try to get success? They (guys who are willing to even listen demo) asking for lots of money and this is, in some way, a problem. Some Songs could have big potentional success but guys won't listen.
I think that this problem exist especially in Pop music with the big majors... Dance music give more chances!! As i have said before, we have a special DEMO SECTION on our website ( , dedicated to the all young producers that want have our opinion about their songs.... the e-mail address where send the material is

I have read on the offical Self Distribution site about cooperation with famous Italian label(s) S.A.I.F.A.M. I have to mention that Mauro Farina (the owner, producer and artist) is mine dearest guy in Italo world and I would like to ask you did you have met him and could you tell me something about him? Do you like his music, in the 80's and today?
We know Mauro Farina and S.A.I.F.A.M. and we think that Mauro is a good producer and S.A.I.F.A.M. is a good label.... we like very much their JIMMY GOMMA project !!

Also, Time Records is another famous label who had relationship with Self Distribution and still does, right? Have you maybe followed their work since 80's till today and if so, can you tell me in few words, what keeps those companies like S.A.I.F.A.M., Time Records ... the main actor still in Italian and Europe's dance scene?
We appreciate labels like Time Records and S.A.I.F.A.M., because in the 90’s they have produced some dance success... but in the last period (the last two years) they had aimed too much on electronic and house music! We are sure that the future is the Dance music, with new labels like Bit Records.

Questions by DanceMusic4u Team:
What can we expect from Marco Marzi in the (near) future?
From our team there will be some new releases !! For the end of March there will be in the records shops two productions: the new italodance projects called THE DREAMERS – DANCEFLOOR and the new X-CODE E.P. (like lento violento style). For the month of April there will be two other releases in records shops: the new singles of THUNDER (more different than the first...but again dance) and a new italodance project called DANCE MAKERS – STAY WITH YOU!! Especially STAY WITH YOU will be the soundtrack of an italian film entitled IO NON CREDO NELL’ AMORE (in english... I DON’T BELIEVE IN LOVE)! Last, there will be some other news about our team of dance production like the video of DANCE MAKERS and other new dance releases for the summer!! You can see all of us on our website

Anything special you want to mention which we didn't asked for?
Yes!! For all the dance lovers we have some international radio appointments!!
Every Monday at 20.00 o’clock (italian time) Marco Skarica mix the new dance releases in his programme called DANCE PARTY on the web radio station WOED ( !! Every Monday at 21.00 o’clock Super mario dj mix the old best dance songs in his programme called ONE YEAR AGO, also on WOED !! Marco Skarica is, once a month, guest dj on Monstermix in Denmark ( !!

Many thanks again for your time Marco, let's keep in touch and all the luck with your futured productions. Hopefully we can read many good news about you and your projects at our website.
Thank you very much to you and to all the readers!! We are always happy to explain you about our new projects!! See you soon and... enjoy with dance music!!

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