Thank you Mario for this interview. Could you tell us who Mario Boncaldo is? You were born on Sicily and can you tell us a bit about your childhood please?
I live in Rome now, but I was born in beautiful Sicily. When I was a child my family moved to Forlì. There, I got involved with music when I was studying piano (and guitar afterwards).

Some years before the era of ‘Italo Disco’, which is most interesting for me and your participation in that great style, would you tell us about your music beginning? How was the music “situation” in those years of your start, since Disco music “invented” in the mid 70s.
At that time discotheques didn't exist, so I decided to help "the dance scene" in Italy. I came up with the idea to try to let the people dance by playing records instead of live music (as they already did in America).

How you got an idea and made decision you will start to work on dance music and this is your real and impressive beginning of your career (at least in my eyes and ears ;-) ) which lasts until today?
The problem I ran into was how to find new music with our poor resources? One of the ideas I had was to listen not only to the "A" side of a record (as everyone already did), but to the "B" side as well where I discovered a lot of beautiful tracks. By that, at the end of the 60s, I became a DJ, a term that was totally unknown. My new career commenced at the beginning of 70s where I was able to start as DJ at the Pineta Club in Milano Marittima (and lived for five years in that same environment).

We rather call Italian dance music from the 80s as ‘Italo Disco’ then just simple Dance and some fans wouldn’t call your ‘Italo Disco’ style as ‘Italo’ we know from the mid 80s when became more commercial (Den Harrow, Eddy Huntington, Radiorama, just to mention a few). You haven’t made much, let’s say, commercial ‘Italo Disco’ songs, but I would say a bit obscure italo or electro-ish flavored, so can you put some parallels between those commercial songs and yours? Does house music find its place here perhaps?
I have tried to make a personal music without copying from anybody

B.B. & Band’ was your real first Italo Disco project, if I am right? You, Tony Carrasco and some others…. Can you tell us more about this project, how you met Tony, which is also one of great musicians which left big mark on the music scene, etc.?
Arrived 1982, this became the first great dance music success, entirely made in Italy!!!! That song was called "All Night Long" (by B.B. Band). B.B. are the first characters of my last name. This song was a big success and it arrived at the first places of Italian and many other European charts. It was a success at radio stations and discotheques as well. Success did not stop however and the second 12" single called "The Special Magic" was a succes too. We then made an album; at this point we were inspired by American sounds and found ourselves producing music totally different compared to the music we knew in Italy.
tony is not a musician but has been the lyricist of my songs

Similar question about Massimo Noe, how you met him? He is another great ‘Italo’ musician which music is also more than appreciated?
Instead Massimo is a great.

You are, probably, most recognizable as project ‘Klein & MBO’? Could you tell us more about this project and your start with the band? The member of the band, female voice…

klein & mbo has been a new musical kind become then House Music. The musician was David Piatto and the singer Rossana Casale

‘Dirty Talk’ was massive hit. I guess you have story about this song and could you share it with us please?
One day decided to make a song out of the rules in the house, with David, we did, a demo. Then we went to study and when the base was ended I called Tony. He came with a singer, Rossana, made the lyric, Rossana sang and they went. then I made the mix and was born Dirty Talk that was a little considered in Italy but very in US, as always

Another great artist you were working with is gorgeous Ivana Spagna! At the beginning of the 80s she was mainly behind projects as writer, not that much as singer. How you met her and can you tell me about your work with her please?
Ivana is a friend and with her I made a record: Carol Kane - I Don't Believe.

Can you tell who female singer is, because I think Spagna isn’t?! Spagna has specific color of the voice so I wouldn’t say that Carol Kane is she?! Or am I wrong?
it was a free singer, Ivana made the lyric.

If you remember what other songs you made with Spagna?
Jimmy Mc Foy - Can't Stay Without You.

I wonder something about song Discocentrique by Communication. The female voice is Spagna, am I right? Actually I don’t have that vinyl EP, does she sung some other songs from that vinyl?!
about this I don't remember, you know about me more than what I remember ;-)

Something else about Spagna. Do you perhaps know, did she start in Italo Disco in 1983, when you worked with her, or maybe even earlier?! I am not sure….

I believe that with me it did her first record even if it had been being a singer for many years back and she is very good also now.

You were releasing your songs for few labels, ‘Il Discotto’, ‘Zanza Records’, ‘Tanga Label’, ‘Discomagic’…. These are all legendary ‘Italo’ labels. I would like to know how you choose labsl and which one is your favorite? ;-)
all ;-)

Can you share with us your thoughts about any of these labels? Any interesting story perhaps regarding these labels, their owners or any artist?!
I believe that there was a lot of fortune and less professionalis

I have to ask you about Jimmy McFoy (Antoine van Bladel) and his fabulous song ‘I Can’t Stay Without You’. One of the back vocals in that song is Carol Kane. Is she Spagna? (again Spagna, he he….). This song is really great!!!
no, it is a name of imagination.

The same team also worked in song Gigolo by Ryn’o? Who is Ryn’o? He also worked, not only as singer, but as producer as well?!
Yes the same studio team, Ryn'o was a free singer

Among many artists you worked on are also Tulio De Piscopo and Tony Esposito who became very popular outside Italy and many people globally knows about them. Would you share with us your work with them please?
With Tullio and Tony too, we feel there and we now see also. I have contributed to make and become also them great in the Discos

Have you sung any ‘Italo’ song or back vocal perhaps?
Only now in the new Klein & MBO 2007 project

Which ‘Italo Disco’ song(s) and artist(s) is/are your favorite?
very difficult question

Do you still have your vinyls from the 80s? Which one is your favorite and why?
Klein & MBO obviously

Do you have bad experience with your music work in the 80s and if so could you share it with us as well as your beautiful experience?
I would have a lot to say on the bad experiences but better keeping silent

Mario, 25 years later you and ‘Klein & MBO’ released new maxi titled as ‘25th Anniversary’?! Can you tell me more about this please?
It is a new version of Dirty Talk, a new song sing by me and have I tried to make a slow, incredible no?

25 years after the beginning of ‘Italo Disco’ and I mean particularly on style as I described as obscure and electro-ish, we are all witness that style came back in recent years (in modern version) and today young people like to hear Italo from the beginning of the 80s. This is just one of the prove that ‘Italo Disco’ is quality music which can last really for long time. What do you think about this?
the best remains

Mario, what is your job today, can you tell me about it please and projects you are working on?
I am working around a big project of show and international tour

Soon, in Autumn, you are organizing an ‘Italo Disco’ party with Spagna and Amanda Lear performing live. Can you tell us something more about it? The place where this party will be held is Rome.
it is soon still but everything will be on the site

Mario, I know that with all these questions I only scratched the surface of your rich and impressive music career and do you have to say anything what you think is important, I haven’t asked and we should not miss it, here I am mean particularly on your ‘Italo Disco’ style?
I don't think about having made songs of Italo Disco but to have started and the other ones have continued. I have done what I liked to do

Thank you so much for your time and patient, I know I asked you many questions ;-) I wish you all the best!
You too... ciao
sorry for my english

© Zeljko Vujkovic - June 2009