Thank you Mauro for this interview. Can you tell me something about yourself please?
Hello, ciao I am Mauro, thanks for your interest. I'm born on 15th of August in Trieste, this is on the northside in Italy.

How you start to sing and to be musician?
I startet to sing with my first Band called Electrik Sun in 1975.

Is Mauro your real name or artistic?
Mauro is my real name.

Your first single was Buona Sera and can you tell me a little bit about the song please.
Buona Sera was my first hit. We recorded the songs in Wüstenzell, with the original mixing console of Peter Gabriel. Ferdinant Förster and Claus Schmitt were in the team.

You recoreded all of your 80's songs in 1987. You had also songs Bossanova, Ole Ole. How come you haven't made more songs in the 80's?
I have recorded also some italien songs.

Which ones?

Ti Amo, No Io so.

What is harder, doing music for yourself or for others?
It is harder to record my songs, than to produce music for others.

The selection of sound, thre are so many styles and types of music.

Do you regeret your haven't work with someone in the 80's and you wished? And if so, with whom?

I regret that I didn't have the possibility to work with Stock, Aitken, Waterman, then Tozzi, Falco.

Have you worked with any artist or producer from Italy?
I have worked with Daniele Principe.

The name of your band was...?
Band Relax with Claus Matthias.

In your opinion what is the difference of 80's music and 90's and later?
I think the music in the 80's had more colours.

On many concerts you were able to meet some other famous music artists?.
I have met the Gipsy Kings, Mango Jerry, Toto Cotugno, Dieter Bohlen and Sandra. It was a lot of fun meeting these people and we had great time.

In your opinion, what is the biggest hit of your music career?
My biggest hit was Ciao, ciao and my new song.

Can you tell me anything about your work these days? With whom you are working and on what projects?
My wife and I have our own italien restaurant and we spend a lot of time there, I also startet to work in the studio again on new songs.

What are your plans for near future?
I hope to have a good hit again.

Can you tell me who is your favorite singer?
My favorite singer is Umberto Tozzi.

The best italian artist in your opinion is...?
It is Lucio Batisti the timeghost.

Would you like to say anthing what I have't asked you and it's important?
Love and Rock'n Roll is a message of peace in our self coloured life

Thank you Mauro for this interview!

© Zeljko Vujkovic - March 2007