Paolo, thank you for this interview. In your mail you have written me "... my strange and lucky musical adventure...". This sentence of yours was really interesting for me, so would you be so kind and explain to me what exactly did you mean ?
Simply because Happy Children was my first record. I don't realize that thinking to sold millions of record.

Unfortunately, I don't have much information about P. Lion like I have for some other Italo disco stars. Could you tell me who is P. Lion ?
P. Lion is Paolo Pelandi. I was born in June, 29 1959. I started to play piano and write my own music very early. I think to be very romantic and sometimes too "dreamer", but I feel the music as a great way to communicate.

How did you get your name, P. Lion ?

P because my full name is Pietro Paolo Pelandi and the lion is the symbol of my family.

First song I have heard from you was Happy Children. This song was definitely huge success in whole Europe at that time?
Happy Children was in the top charts in Europe during 84 and 85, the most in France with Dream too.

How did everything start in your career and who worked with you?
The producer of Happy Children was Davide Zambelli, the same of Scotch, Finzy Contini, etc. After the producer of the first album Springtime was the label Discomagic, then I was a self producer for some single as Believe Me and Under The Moon with Durium. In 1995 I realize the album A Step In The Right Way with FMA and the publisher Allione. Now I'm working at new songs and music but I don't know if for me or other artis. I like the most write and arrange. I'm not a real singer.

Your label and few words about it ?
No label at this time. I've some proposal from a publisher for a project with Sony, but I haven't decided yet.

I remember that at the beginning of the 90's I saw on satellite music TV, MCM, your video spot for song Dream. Did you have more video spots ? Tell me something about making videos. I am asking you this because Italo disco spots are very rare, to my knowledge. Maybe I am wrong ?
You're not wrong. I realized the video for Happy Children and Dream in Paris 1984. Very professional, director, film and then digital effects, but all remain in France. Today, after 17 years. I'm searching to get a copy. I've never seen that finish...!

Your first album was Springtime. Unfortunately I didn’t have chance to buy this album so I don’t know anything about it. Something more about it?
I collaborate with some musicians as Paolo Costa, Max Costa, Marco Gotti etc. Great musicians here in Italy.

I am going to ask you what I am asking other Italo stars, who is your favorite Italo disco artist and which Italo song ?

I think the best was Gazebo. He is the only friends of that age.

Paolo, what kind of music do you like and listen to ?
I like music from 70’s and 80’s, not necessarily Italo disco. I listen to all the music that give me sensation.

Do you have any Italo artist friend(s) ?
I meet Gazebo, Den Harrow, Scotch, Righeira, ecc during little concert in discotheque.

What are you doing today ? Any new song ?!
Actually I work as consultant for 2 or 3 days a week, the rest in my studio composing and working on multimedia project audio, video, internet. I love to work with Macintosh since 1984, great machines !

Last year I heard one remake of your song Happy Children, by Mack. What do you think about the fact that in the last years we can hear lots of remakes, there is small number of original hits? It seems that today producers lost their inspiration ?

I think the speed of marketing don't leave space to feel the music. You have to produce faster than before and the easy way to do that is to record remake or "copy" musical phrase from the old hits. I listen lot of old music in the "new" hits.

Recently you had concert in The Hague, together with Fred Ventura, Albert One, Scotch. Your impressions and feelings ?
I was very surprised to meet young people that loves music from 80's. Probably for the answer of the previous question !

Italo disco music of the 80’s is still very much alive. What is your opinion about this ?
It was "song" with rhythm. Today dance music is only rhythm.

Have you had enough free time in the 80’s to see other people work in Italo disco music ?
Not too much. I was for about 4 years in France, Germany, North Europe etc.

Paolo can you tell me your general thoughts about Italo disco music ?

Was a nice way to experiments something different from San Remo music and Napoli and pizza.

Do you have time to follow other people work in Italian disco production today ?
No time and no curiosity... I don't like to work with DJ's...

Are you nostalgic even little bit about Italo music in the mid 80’s ?
I feel that age as a part of my life.I don't think to be nostalgic. I hope to have the time to make the Thousands of things I want to do ! No time for to be nostalgic ! :-)))

Paolo, do you have Italo songs under any different name? As we know many artists were singing under few different names.

I collaborate as arranger on some productions. De Nuevo Tu, Betty Villani. The album of Tony Sheridan, do you remember Beatles In Hamburg ?

If you could change your music past, would you change something and why ?
Nothing to change, only some more time in studio for the album Springtime. Only 20 days.

Can you tell me something about P. Lion private ?
I divorced in 1990 after 14 years. Now I live with Loredana, her son Massimiliano of 12 and our son Edoardo of 7, my true love !

What are your musical plans further ?
Sony wants a new P.Lion project. I want to write new Paolo Pelandi music, not necessarily for songs, my dream is to write for movies.

Are you willing to share with us something I didn't ask you and it is important ?
I think is important to find the courage to try new musical ways, not only for money

OK Paolo, thank you very much again for your time for me. I wish you all the best further with lots of success. Your fan Zeljko.
Many thanks to you and for your patience.

© Zeljko Vujkovic - 2004