Peter Arcade is relatively new name in italo disco music but his music connections are much deeper into 80's and especially into italo disco. In this interview you'll see how he began his music career and especially his relationship with one of the greatest music artist on this world and that's Gazebo.

I met Peter few years ago on the internet, in time when I made an interview with Gazebo, and every single word he wrote me and told me about italo music was and still is such a strong word with meaning. I knew at the beginning he is nice soul.

And I've got another prove on I Venti Party in Manotva on May 6th. He was so kind to me and introduced me to many italo artists and helped me to recognize some of them :-)

I am sure you will find in his words, in this interview, how great guy he is and I can say we should all wait with great impatience and excitment his new singl "Rainfall Memories" which should be relaesed soon.


Thank you Peter for this interview. Could you tell me who is Peter Arcade, something about you from your early days?
Who is Peter Arcade? Well, first of all, he is someone that believes that love is everything in life; the only real way in a world of dead roads, what makes life true: anything else, as career, cash, sportcars, villas are illusions, empty and expensive boxes, meanwhile love is the content. Love only leads to immortality. Peter is also a storyteller, and maybe the result of alien genetic manipulation.. It's up to you folks to define the rest! About my early days, what i can say is of a kid that beginned quickly to espress himself through graphic arts and poetry, and after through music, in constant evolution.

And also for the beginning, just to clear one doubt. Are you Gazebo's brother? Or maybe son? ? These things appeared on one italo forum so I guess many were and still are curious?

Everywhere i go, and particularly when we are together, people aks if or believes that me and Paul are brothers; i don't know why, but many say that we look simular, or have a simular voice or perform and sing the same way. I have great respect and affection for Paul; he is an extremely intelligent, encyclopedically cultured, generous and honest person. We are longtime friends, but, unfortunately, no; we are not brothers. And neither father and son!?

You lived not only in Europe but in USA as well. That was when you were kid?
I'm born in the United States of America, but not in Los Angeles, as somebody wrote, but in the beloved Hartford, Connecticut, one of the New England towns.

When you started to sing and how you begann with singing?

I started to sing when i was a kid; as i told before, it was something i had inside, i liked to do and needed to express my feelings.

Tell me please how you met Gazebo and about your work with him?
One day he was performing in the city where i live, and i already had, at that time, a clear idea of what i wanted to do in life: so i went straight to meet him and asked for an audition. That's how all begun.

Can you name the songs you made together?
If you mean the ones we wrote together, he made the arrangements of „Rainfall memories“ with Roberto Russo, one of the great names of those years (and today); the songs he produced for me were, besides the same „Rainfall memories“ „Walking on fire“ and a techno version of „rainfall“. He produced also the Lp „Sky and Sea“.

You had perfomance on famous San Remo festival. Can you tell me more about that? And did Gazebo made song for your San Remo festival perfomance?
Really, it wasn't the Sanremo main event, but one of those contests that suppose to be an open door on the major festival: i was a guest there; i had no interest to challenge with someone, what i wanted, as today, was to express myself and sing my stories.

Have you been working with someone else, except with Gazebo?
Gazebo has been my one and only producer 'till today, and once i collaborated at a remix of „Future Brain“ of Den Harrow.

Worked on Future Brain remix!? Tell me more about that please.
Well, the story is very simple: Gazebo had to produce this 1998 version of „Future Brain“, and he called me to collaborate for the arrangements...; the song was mixed by Emanuele Donnini and remixed by the Gas Pump Boys. „Future Brain 98“ was published by Zyx music.. I loved to work on one of the most beautiful and legendary songs of the „golden age“!

We all know that guy Den Harrow who was appearing on the stage was a model who can't sing and was only a model. What do you think about that? Isn't that silly situation?
Well, i have to say that i started to have some suspects about this, after the first records, and when i knew for sure, i felt very disappointed: Den Harrow was a spectacular performer and had great musical contents, with that particular voice that, after, we found out to belong to Tom Beecher Hooker, that in those times was another of the „Baby records“ artists. In short, i think we all felt gypped. Although the situation could seem unusual for an artist, and i don't wan't to say that what happened then was silly, 'cause it could even be that Den Harrow suffered for having to go around for years hiding somehow that he didn't really sing. Anyway, it seems that actually he does.

From Italian Newspaper:
"Peter was born 19 years ago in a suburb of Los Angeles , he writes his tracks, eclectic, unforeseeable, he shows the feeling of a man that has been lived in the body of a boy. Girls of the same age like him, and he's already a rising star in Germany. His single "Rainfall Memories" is taken from the album that will be out in April. The melodies that reflect the influence by Gazebo, and his on stage image that can be a little similar to Rick Astley, make this young guy a great personage
Peter has been a guest in "Passaporto per Sanremo" (passport to Sanremo), where he received uninterrupted applauses."

Peter, all these years of our friendship you told me lots and lots so beautiful things what you think about Italo Disco and about 80's music. Could you now share your thoughts about italo disco with other italo fans?
Italo disco, as probably i told before, has been more tha a musical genre; it has been a dream, a message of love, a soundtrack of life for many people. I met people that fell in love listening „I like Chopin“ and after married. Music is a universal language, and the melodies of Italo have been talking for years to everyone; today the new generations, not even born at that time, are craving to know about the 80s and its music. The fact is that , Italo, as the feelings it expressed and roused, is ageless and immortal.

What you told me is next: „Maybe one day I'll tell you some stories of amazing things and persons I met, stories that shouldn't go lost because untold“. I believe now it's the time! Please Peter, open your heart and soul and tell me everything?
I'm afraid it would take too much to talk about and explain years of stories, but i want to share at least one of these: the first one is about a lady that knew another one that was said to communicate with a guardian angel that used to tell her of the future of persons, and one day, while they were together, this second one saw a photo of the son the first lady, and so told her that her son would have worked in the music biz, and been a singer. And so it has been...

At this moment italo fans (those who have been on I Venti party in Mantova) knows you only with one song „Rainfall Memories“ but you have more songs – Ave Roma, Into Marta's Eyes, Walking On Fire.... Can you tell me more about these songs and especially about "Into Marta's eyes" beacause you said: „It's about a true story, a very significative experience of my life“.
"Ave Roma" is a song that i meant to play triumphly as a march, recalling the glory of Rome, but through the visions of a guy that dreams one night about the empire and starts to feel melancholy, emotion and majesty as the scenes run in front of his eyes. If you are curious about it, the solemn, female voice at the beginning, infactly says "i remember columns of marble, standing against the sky, far over it's edge, and today as in the past, one name, one name, and today as in the past, one name: it's Rome, the empire". "Ave Roma" also is written in three languages: italian, english and latin: just one of my crazy ideas... „Into Marta's eyes“ Is about a girl with great potentialities, charm and that seemed one of those female singers of the Woodstock era, that however didn't have the courage to make her decisions, and was also influenced by drugs and alcohol: for this, she aborted a story and now no one will know what it could have been ... „Walking on Fire“ describes metaphorically those situations where many of our youth risk and burn their lives abusing with substances of every kind, particularly on Saturday nights when they go to discoteques. But i only sung this song; it isn't mine!?

Recently one label appeared on the italo disco scene and it's Flashback Records. They publishing old italo disco sound records and many are happy because that. Your song „Rainfall Memories“ shoul be released for the same label and you told me that you are sending to them your other songs. Can you tell me more about your work with them?
I have to say that i am greatly pleased of these young guys that choosed to deal with Italo disco, and i believe, first for passion than else. I knew Kimmo and Savino, and had the chance to realize they had the right mood, great knowledge about the „golden age“ and extreme musical ability, besides being wonderful persons. They have all what it needs to be a winning team. I'm sure they are going to be a leading enterprise and i feel honored that they wanted my song and are privileged to work with them. And i hope a.s.a.p. to have a trip in Finland!?

You met many italo disco artists so far and can you tell me which ones? That happend on the concerts? Have you stayed in touch with any of them?
Actually, the only ones i'm in touch with are Gazebo and Lazarus, that is a very talented singer and producer and was with us at „I venti d'Azzurro singing the beautiful „Wait“ (and at this point let me say „Thank you, Marcello, you're very special!); then Gary Low, Mike Francis, Den Harrow, Scotch, P. Lion, Albert One, George Aaron and the gorgeous singer of „Finzi Kontini“...

Yes, Lazarus left impression on me with his beautiful song Wait and not only on me but on some other italo stars I am in contact with. I will have an interview with him soon so I am looking forward! ? Wait made by Gazebo of course, even voice is similar. What can you tell me about him?
Lazarus is, first of all, a wonderful person and a good friend; he is very polite, sensible, sentimental and has always a smile for everyone. Then he is an excellent producer an a great artist, with a powerful voice. I hope we'll have soon tha chance to listen his new songs.

Who is your favorite italo disco artist (among Gazebo of course) and italo disco song?
I think that all of them had or have something special; also, the songs i appreciate are many. I'll say that i'd like to put into my performance repertory „I like Chopin“, „Future brain“, „Lunatic“ and „Runaway“.

Some time ago (in 2005) you had inspirations to organize an festival with italo disco stars (with 9 to 10 guests). But you faild to success because town admistrators. Do you have the same plan to make soon or in the near future?
I think fans would appriciate that very much, especailly after I Venti D'Azzurro Birthday Party recently. I'm abosutely sure that italo events mean 100 % success, but actually i'm concentrated on my own career. It's up to someone else organizing something like that.

Few years ago you had web site but not online for long period. Do you have plan to rebuild it again?
It's true! Sorry for this, but i've been so busy. Now i'm working on the new one, and i hope you'll all like it, as i wish you'll like my new songs.

If I haven't asked you something what you think it could be important, can you tell me now please?
I just want to remember how important are those that support us, 'cause without them Italo would fade, as a leaf in autumn, with it's poetry and it's feelings.. and the world would be poorer.

Do you have any message for italo disco fans?
I'd like to tell them that till i'll have something to say, i'll be here. After, Peter, as he came, will go. And one of the things i want everyone to remember is: to search and believe in love. As i told before, music is the soundtrack, but we and children are the main subject. If you can, create a family, have sons. Children are the light of the world and the smile of God. I never denied this and never will. I always will believe in love, even though i never have been truly loved...

Ciao, amici!

© Zeljko Vujkovic - June 2006