Peter, currently you are working on a new album. Can you tell me when you started to prepare songs for the album?
Well, the idea of realizing an album started about 1 year ago, after Kimmo Salo of Flashback Records heard and liked the other songs i written, and listeners asked for more of them.

Album will be published for Flashback Records. How much songs the album will include? Will include your two already released songs for Flashback Records?
It should be a particular album, with 8 basic songs, in old and new style versions, also remixes. Yes, „Rainfall memories“, „We were“ and „Sun will shine“ will be part of it.

Can you name the people who are working with you on the album?
There's a superstar team partecipating: Ed & Fer (the dynamic dutch!), Loep from Greece, Rafalo from Poland , Master Raffaele Cherubino, Leosound, Dj Savino and Joey Mauro from Italy.

Any guest on album? Perhaps Gazebo?! :-)
Gazebo? i would like that.. :-) but who know if it's possible.

From where do you getting inspirations for the songs?
From truth and fantasy.

Does every song has real background? I mean connected with everyday life.
Yes, as i said. The most of my songs talk about true stories.

Can you tell already the title of the album please?
We thought that, considering it's past-present concept, the title should be „Reflections“.

Peter, what do you expect from the album?
I wish it would sell enough so to give me the chance to make another one, and that people would share the feelings i want to express.

I guess the songs on your album will carry the message, a message you wish to give to your fans and share your feelings. Can you tell me what will be the message of that album please?
What do you think about „every day lived without love is meaningless“?

In which studio you are making songs?
At the „Noteblu“ studio of Raffaele Cherubino.

Do you know any close date of releasing?
Should be on July; for sure, this summer.

If I may ask, about the song Sun Will Shine. What happend at the end with the girl who was in love with Emanuelle? It's a true story, right? The song is very beautiful, lyrics and music.
Well, it's inspired by a true story, even though i changed something in it. Unfortunately, no one knows how it ends... Maybe one day we'll find out. For now, best wishes to all of you. Stay tuned.. ?

Thank you for your time and wish you great success with the album!

© Zeljko Vujkovic - April 2007