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Hi Ryan. Thank you so much for your time. You are one of the owners of one of the most recognizable song on this planet „Dolce Vita“! I guess you must be very proud on the song?
I am very proud about this song because first it is a beautiful song, second because many fans wrote to me and tell me nice souvenirs connected with Dolce Vita. For example, beautiful holidays, firs meet girlfriend or boyfriend, marriages etc. Third because it alowed me to go on with my music (I am preparing my LP).

“We're walking like in a Dolce Vita, This time we got it right, We're living like in a Dolce Vita, Mmm, gonna dream tonight, We're dancing like in a Dolce Vita…” are legendary words! Pierluigi Giombini and Gazebo wrote that song. You sang it! Tell me about the song and about those two guys?
Well, I was preparing songs in Italian to participate to the first Rock Italian Festival in 1982 and my keyboard player had to go for one year army service. So I was looking for a new keyboard player and I met Pierluigi Giombini, composer, player and artisitic producer of Dolce Vita. The funny thing was that I brought to him to listen songs from me, but singing in Italian by me and he said: "I am doing only english" and he let me heard "Masterpiece" and also "You Are A Danger", number two and five in the Italian chart at that moment. I remained folgorated by the sounds and the melodies of Giombini and I said to him: "I will bring you one of my english songs". That tonight I composed a new song and three days later I presented it to Giombibi who loved the song. We worked on my song two times and one day Giombini told me: "I wrote a song for you but it is not a rock song". When I heard the song I really made a big jump because it was very nice. I met Gazebo once at Giombibi because he brought the lyrics and I changed with him some phrases because I didn't like.

Gazebo, I dare to say, is the owner of one of the most special song of all time on the whole planet, I am talking about „I like Chopin“ of course. „Dolce Vita“ who's also his work, stands arm to arm to that song. Do you agree with me?
I heard the song "I Like Chopin" one year before it was produced by Giombini. Thy lyrics were not done already but the title was already there. Giombini produced, played and composed all the music of this beautiful song and Gazebo wrote nice lyrics but I have impression that Giombini had the idea of the tile of the song. Tha'st way this two songs stands arm to arm because came out from the mind of the best composer and producer of the 80's - Pierluigi Giombini!

And in your opinion what is so special in both songs that everlasting fire still burning inside?
There is a big love for the music in both songs and love for life!

Did you expect such a huge popularity with the song and can you tell me your thoughts about great success you made?
It was my first record, I didn't have any experience but I was sure from the beginning that Dolce Vita was incredible nice!!

Did your life changed a lot after that song?
I had a little studio where I mad reharsals with my band "The Gigolos" and from one day to another I have been asked to perform in "Top of the pops" and all major TV stations in Europe. The schedule of my time changed very much and I could by more things and nice clothes and I had possibility to meet many people and many singers lie Bee Gees and many others with a big pleasure because I am a singer (now also a producer and composer) but I am a big fan of the music.

Ryan Paris
"Dolce Vita"

We're walking like in a Dolce Vita
This time we got it right
We're living like in a Dolce Vita
Mmm, gonna dream tonight
We're dancing like in a Dolce Vita
With lights and music on
Our love is made in the Dolce Vita
Nobody else than you
It's our last night together with our love again
Another light before we drown in darkness
Say you'll never leave me now
Say you're gonna love me now
We made it down in the Dolce Vita
Wipe all your fears away
We'll live it like in a Dolce Vita
A game of yesterday
I'm so alone in the Dolce Vita
Oh baby, telephone
This magic's gone in the Dolce Vita
Nobody else than you
It's our last night together with our love again
Another light before we drown in darkness
Say you'll never leave me now
Say you're gonna love me
It's our last night together with our love again
Another light before we drown in darkness
Say you'll never leave me now

Say you're gonna love me now

And how your life looked like before „Dolce Vita“? You are also an actor and filmed several movies, so was that before „Dolce Vita“ or after?
Before I was studying and teaching guitar and music therapy, I was acting in films, playing with my differents bands, composing songs, enjyoing life. "Once Upon A Time In America" was before Dolce Vita.

How come you started to act in movies? I am very curious to find out how you menaged to enter the world of films? One of your films is „Once Upon A Time“ with Robert De Niro. Can you tell me about that film and about your role?
My mother brought my when I was very young to meet a film director and I started like that with very little role "In Italy we say: Comparse". For "Once Upon A Time In America" I knew the girl of the casting and I did the role of gangster but due to the length of the film they cutted most of my acting, it remained the scenes in the bar for the end of the prohibitionism.

In 1984, you released song „Fall In Love“. Song didn't menaged to attract many guys as „Dolce Vita“. What do you think why is that so?
I didn't have any managment and I was very young and still unexperienced. Fall In Love has a nice melody but not strong as Dolce Vita.

What is really cool, „Fall In Love“ record pressed in shape of red heart, for Carrere UK label. Did you wanted that record in that shape or...? Or you didn't know about it?
I didn't know and I would like to have a photo of the cover for my collection if you can.

If I am right, after „Fall In Love“ you and Pierlugi and Gazebo went on various sides with your careers, how come and do you regret today that maybe you could have more great hits like two first songs were?
No, Giombini wrote an LP for me and was given to RCA Italy. Then we did something else in 1989, a french song "Besion D'Amour".

Ryan, I would like to know next, your „duty“ in „Dolce Vita“ and „Fall In Love“ was only to sing, but after, have you made any song of your own (music, lyrics...)?
Yes, many songs and the nice thing is that theya are all released and now I am doing my first LP with all new songs of mine.

I guess you had lots of live perfomances (TV shows, concerts...)? Tell me about them and if you can mention what italo artists you were seeing and have you had any parties with them etc.?
Many concerts. The nices was with Al Jarreau in America. Many TV shows: all nice but for me nicest was, in this order: 1. Top Of The Pop, 2. Champ Elysees in France, 3. Veronica Radio. In Holland in Top of the pops I met Paul Young, Bee Gees, Heaven Sesventheen. It was beautiful and for an Italian guy who comes from Rock, to be number 5 and David Bowie number 6 is incredible. For Champ Elysees at the beginning all the artists came inside, two by two, from the street to the TV set and I went inside hand by hand with Boy George. In Veronica Radio, actually my first TV show, the director told me: "OK, before singing, you will sit here at the bad in company with other people". So, during the rcording they tooked my to the bar and I looked around and next to me was Spandau Ballet.. Very funy because I went one year before to see them on concert in Rome.

You are still today going on italo parties, right?
I perform in some italo parites in Europe. Last sunday I was in Denmark with F. R. David.

Oh yes, did you choose name Ryan Paris by yourself or someone else did and why Ryan Paris?
This was my creation. With my english girlfriend Fiona, who made the female background vocals on refrain of Dolce Vita, we spent all the afternoon in bed and I wanted to have the name Ryan and at the end she said "Ryan Berlin" and I said "Ryan Paris".

Ryan, would you put song „Dolce Vita“ in italo disco style of music or is it more italo pop? What style for you is more apropriate for that song?
Actually for me is pop dance done in Italy with a international mentality and with a big respect for english pop (Police etc.) and also with tribute to instrumental part to Brasilian rythm but done with keyboard and not with percussions.

You made lots of songs. Can you tell me which is your dearest song and why? I guess there is not only one song....
No, I didn't make lots of songs but I love all the songs I have composed.

If I may ask you, you are very good looking guy, black hair with blue eyes, a perfect combination for many ? so do you think that your good looking helped in your career?
Thanx for the compliments. Good looking guy is good but it is not all.

Today you live in Germany. How come you moved from Italy to Germany?
I married a dutch girl and she was living in Germany. After Giombini, in Roma, I didn't meet and other good producer and musician. So I decided to live in Germany. I am divorced but I stay in Germany now because of my little son (8 years old).

How looks your career today and can you tell me more details about it? What is your plan for near future?
Well, I am very happy, I am writing my best songs and I am producing it according to my roots, The Beatles, Queen, King Crimson and also..... Dolce Vita experience!!

Any message for your fans please?
Well, if you want I can make in my studio a little jingle like "Hi this is Ryan Paris and I love you all!! And it is true!!!

Thank you a lot for this interview!
Thanx to you!!

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