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My italo friend Kimmo Parviainen gave me chance to be in contact with Tiziana Rivale. I was so happy I got chance to ask her about her career. She has fabulous voice and also Tiziana is so great, nice and polite lady. I was enjoying in communication with her. She is today so busy with many concerts and she is preparing new album, but she did find time for this interview and I will be so grateful to her for ever. At the end of this interview you'll find few links where you can find more about Tiziana and listen her songs because this interview covered only small part of her reach career since 80s. Tiziana Rivale left importatnt mark with her voice in Italo Disco music! Because all these things I said I have to say: HUGE thanks Tiziana for your every minute you gave me in this interview.

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Thank you Tiziana for your time. You have such a marvelous voice! In what age of your life you became aware of your fabulous voice?
I thank you for all the nice words about my voice. I wanted to be a singer since I was 11 because of my strong passion.

At the beginning did you have plans to go make international success?
I really hoped that it would be my real profession in and out of Italy and I was really determined, though nobody has ever helped me.

Which is your first song you sang in your life? I guess it's not Italo Disco ;-) Could you tell more about it please?
My first song was 'Yesterday' and all the songs of 'Beatles', then I went on with all kinds of music, soul, rock and disco.

Did you sang those songs under your own name or it was a band?
I sang that album under my name, just Tiziana, as it's written on the back cover. I went to the recording studio in Parma where there were already the tracks with the music. I learned the songs right away and I finished them in 2 days.

Have you been learning singing somewhere? Do you think singing education in artist's life has adventages or it doesn't matter?
I'm a selfmade singer. It's always useful to study anyway, in music, in school and in life... but sometimes we find true talents who can perform without any study.

You had appereance on very famous San Remo festival in 1983? Do you think that appereance on San Remo festival is important to many Italian artists and what you got with that appearance?
I had been on that stage before, when I was on tour with Gino Bramieri. In '83 it was more difficult because I was in a national competition and I had to show my skills and professionality and at last I did winning over very famous singers. That's why in '84 the festival was devided in 2 categories: big and new singers.

Have you been going out to discoteques a lot in the '80s? It seems that many producers were found their artists exactly in the discoteques?
I used to sing a lot in the discotheques before the festival and after that I did my own concerts everywhere.
Many people dress there best at the discoteques. Much like todays Medifast diet people stayed fit so they could put on a great performance and look wonderful while doing it. One not only got noticed for the talented singing ability, but also appearance played a small role.

Have you met there any interesting person who participated with you in your coming career?
I met almost everybody, but I feel to be thankful to Paolo Limiti. I was in his tv program for almost 7 years, (Ci vediamo in tv -1997 to 2003) and still now many people ask me why that successful show has been closed.

Are you familiar with the girl who sang under Vivian Vee before you, her name was Carol and she didn't speak English?
Unfortunately I have never met this girl and I was contacted by her producer to sing in one of her records.

How many songs you sang under name Vivian Vee? It was the whole album, is that correct?
I went to Parma to record the whole LP, called 'with Vivien Vee', which was a sold out in USA, so they told me.

The producer of the album was Giancarlo Meo. Would you tell me how you met him, when and where?
I happen to be called by Giancarlo Meo beacause he heard about me when I had my rock band in Parma (the Rockollection) and I always sang in english.

Did you know in those days that Giancarlo Meo was coleague of Claudio Simonetti and how come you never met Claudio?
I didn't know that Claudio and Giancarlo were working together, and I met Claudio Simonetti only a few years ago.

By the way, do you have album "with Vivien Vee" in your collection perhaps? These days worth a lots of money ;-)
Well, I probably have that album among my records and for me it's important but not for the money ;-) ? All the recordings I made have some kind of history for me.

Spagna was in the team who worked on "with Vivien Vee" album. Would you tell me something about her please?
Yes, I knew Ivana Spagna when I was in Parma with my rock band and she is always been a great singer and composer, a very professional artist. Many artists collaborated at the recording of Vivien's album but we were not in the studio at the same time. Ivana and me used to sing together for some gingles and we did get along very well, and I have nice souvenirs about her and about all the period of time I've been playing with the band.

Could you be more specific about those souvenirs please? :-)
Well, I have beautiful souvenirs of my time in Parma (but before Sanremo festival). We were 'Rockollection' and we had the chance to chose the kind of songs to perform in all the discotheques. Not so good for me after winning the festival: I could no longer chose my songs because of the contract with the rec company. Now I'm free again in my musical choises.

What kind of jingles you and Ivana Spagna made?
With Ivana we sang some jingles for different products from famous factories, some kind of commercials.

Which songs have you been singing under different names? Not only main vocal, but aslo background vocals or you took any other part.
I have been singing so many songs all over the places and I really don't remember all of them, but as you can see, I did a lot of singing for Interbeat production. I wrote 'Indian Reservation' by Camomilla lyrics.

As I could see, Interbeat Production released next projects: Camomilla, Wol Vo - Romantic and there is also Russell Russell with the song 'For A While', released for Discomagic Records? Have you participated in any of these?
That's right, I''ve been singing with Russell in many occasions, on tv and on the records. I did the lyrics and all the back vocals of 'For a while'. Russell is a special brother to me. I also sang for 'Camomilla' with the producer Luigi Piergiovanni and 'Sorelle Bandiera' with the musician Carlo Rustichelli.

Tiziana, did you sang under name Laura Bitto perhaps?
No please, Laura is a real girl, not just a name. Also on the cover, it's not me. Sometimes I happen to hear some strange things about singers... and most of the times they're legends.

Who were other Italo Disco producers you were working with and can you tell more about them please? Here I particulary mean on your record „Ferma Il Mondo/Moviestory“ released in 1986 .
I met a few producers but never wanted to work with them 'cause we had different taste. Only when I met Angelo Talocci we decided to release the album 'Destiny'. The song 'Ferma il mondo' was inspired to me after one of my tours in Turkey. 'Moviestory' just came out easily 'cause I was in the mood.

Could you tell me any detail about 'Contatto' album? On your site we can see the cover, but nothing else.
I recorded 'Contatto' in 86 with Luigi Piergiovanni and there are 9 songs, english and italian. It also contains a remix of 'Moviestory'.

So, you and Luigi Piergiovanni are back again. Would you tell me please what kind of music style this new material is gonna be? How many songs, when is releasing date?
Yes, I'm glad to work again with Piergiovanni 'cause we agree on the kind of music I'm going to sing, basically dance and alternative, probably there are more than 10 songs and it will be out within 2008.

Did you like Italo Disco music? And do you still?
I like more or less all disco music as for every kind of music, but it has to be nice and pleasant to create a good atmosphere.

Could you say who is your favorite italo disco artist and song?
There are many disco artists I prefer, one of them is 'Gazebo' with 'I like Chopin'.

What do you think about Italo Disco era?
Italo disco music has so many lovers, that's why it's coming again.

In what project you are working these days?
At the moment is out my latest single 'Love is a hurricane' and also I'm recording a new album disco style.

At the moment, what your music plans are for near future?
For the near future I'm planning to go on tour in Europe to promote my latest cd.

Any message for fans of Tiziana Rivale's fabulous voice?
I wish the best to all my fans and I invite them to visit my sites also for free dowloads:
Thank you so much!

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