Tom Hooker is defintely one of the greatest italo musician and he left big impact on every italo fan around the world. Mine interview with him was definitely one, if not the only, best interview I made and he said truly what he thinks about italo and what is the italo truth!

Club goers from as far as the Mayan Riviera Mexico and even Punta Cana Dominican Republic still enjoy Tom Hooker's music.

Because this I am very glad I could create this page - TOM HOOKER GALLERY - and I am very gratefull to ANDERS DAHLQUIST who helped me to get these fantastic photos from the 70's. Below you can see photos in good resolution (if we compare with those I published recently, but they were only preview) and Anders Dahlquist' little story about his work with Tom in the 70's. Also I decided to add here story of Gabriele Bladazzi who was also Tom's band pal but in the 80's.

Here is also exclusively one of the first Tom's art work, it's about his band SWAN. As you know Tom today works on his Baby Art and he is excellent in his job, as we could saw on his official web site.




I started to play bass at age 16. I met Claude at 18, he was locally (Geneva) famous as keyboard player and singer. We teamed up with Tom in 1975 and Eric came same year. SWAN was so founded:
Claude Lander - keyboards and song
Eric Haueter - guitar

Tom Hooker
- drums and song
Anders Dahlquist - bass and guitar

Claude has a classical background, he did all the songs except a couple we did all together. He is a Swiss from Geneva. An excellent player à la Keith Emerson(ELP) or Rick Wakeman (Yes).
came from the US to work in a big Swiss bank for a year. He played with dance bands in the US and was a great guitarist.
Tom was at college international in Geneva and took serious percussion courses. Excellent drummer and a singer with a future. He is related to a rich US family. He did also courses in art in Geneva.
Anders, me, was told to be a good bass player but no serious theoretical background. Born in Sweden.

We rehearsed 9 months and did 5 concerts in 1976.We went from pretty beginners to quite good in those concerts. Then Eric’s job was finished so he was leaving. I wanted to make our music more punchy so we split. Tom stayed with Claude for a while. At the split came the question what to do with our future. Eric said he did not want to end as a guitarist in a dark cigarette smoke invaded jazz club. He went to New York to become a lawyer. He is now a big lawyer in San Francisco. I followed his opinion and went to university in Geneva. Eventually I became an orthodontist and have my own practice. Claude stayed in music and made a recording studio he still has today. Claude and I have always kept in touch.


I met Tom in 1983. Our tour manager, Bruno Gaggiotti, had a pretty good reputation at that time and he was in charge to put together couple of successful shows with well-known names in the industry, to go around the Italian peninsula and islands. I saw Tom in Italian TV couple of time before but I had never paid attention to his songs honestly, especially because he used to arrive on TV stages and perform his song with his roller skates (that was his business card !).
In the band we had a good structure with drums, keyboards, guitar, bass and sax. We had two background voices plus two more background voices/dancers for Tom's number. Beside the concerts we used to find each other on the road or for dinners after shows, Tom was always pretty noisy and full of energy even after the shows. We loved to work with Tom because he used to perform live, no playback what so ever. During the show he used to play guitar and percussion also. A part his most famous hits and part of the new coming album, he performed also some cover from other artists.
I remember we loved to perform a particular song that was Music by Joe Walsh (Eagles). After that experience with Tom we moved with another manager, and we didn't have opportunity to work with other Italo Disco artists. However in the same show where Tom was part of, there was another big name at that time, actually he was the big star of the shows and his name is Sterling Saint Jacques, do you remember him ? The black guy with "blue eyes". But at difference from Tom he couldn't sing so we faked playing while he was going in playback. His hit at that time was Mamalou.
I still like the Italo disco and as for Tom, if I listen to some of those tunes it brings me immediately back in time and I have to say "what a time !!!"
To these days in L.A. where I live now, I have the XM radio in my car that would be the satellite radio and I get most of the disco tunes from Europe every day, I recognize the Italian "touch" all the time and I love it. I can tell you that we had a lot of fun going around the beautiful Italian territory doing what we loved most and meet people and eat incredible food.»

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